Top Five Reasons ‌That SEO Matters For Every Startup

Top Five Reasons ‌That SEO Matters For Every Startup

Regardless of your business, be it a startup or an established company, SEO is a major factor in increasing your visibility and driving traffic to your website. And being a startup, it is even more important to establish a proper brand presence to reach your target audience.

Being in a digital world, you’ll lose most business and sales if you don’t have an online presence. It is very easy to scale your business online with the help of SEO practices than scaling without it.

SEO is the most effective and reliable way to reach out to your customers, which further implies improvements in searchability and visibility.

Every other day, Google releases a new algorithm and new keywords, and if you can’t keep up with the changes, you’ll be left behind in the market. To stand out in a sea of competitors, you’ll need the services of an SEO. If you are a business owner interested in optimizing SEO for your business, it’s advisable to consult an agency or a person who has undergone a digital marketing institute present out there.

The top five most important reasons ‌SEO matters for every startup are:

1. SEO is the key source to driving website traffic and conversions:

In the sea of business, how do you drive traffic to your website? Here comes the SEO into play. The main goal of SEO is to drive traffic to your website, and you have to convert this traffic into leads and then customers.

People dump their money on unnecessary marketing strategies, whereas if you focus on SEO strongly along with a bit of social media marketing, you don’t have to invest separately in marketing your products.

Also, you need to bring quality traffic to your website, which reputed SEO agencies like Studiohawk, can help you drive. With a good amount of expertise in the field, they can help build the searchability and visibility of your brand.

2. Helps in google ranking:

Unless you rank on the first page of Google, you don’t exist, as nobody bothers to check out the 2nd and 3rd pages.

And to rank on the first page, you need to have a strong SEO. This is because 90% of the people finish their searches and research within the first page of google.

And every three out of 5 searches only focus on going through the first five results. Hence, every business focuses on getting ranked in the first place in the google search engine.

So, following the right SEO practices like using appropriate keywords, building backlinks, focusing on increasing page speed, etc can help you gradually improve your ranking.

To keep up or to increase your chance of getting ranked, always keep the latest information on your site.

3. Provide data on customer behavior:

You can use Google Analytics to study customer behavior. What exactly are they looking for? What are the issues they’re dealing with? Also, create reports on consumer expectations and track your progress. And this knowledge informs you about the types of content and marketing techniques you can design. Having this information will allow you to improve the user experience, helping you to create content based on customer preferences.

Google analytics also helps to find out the average purchases and customer happiness. You have to remember that no business is perfect and you have to keep on changing strategies to check which works better for you.

4. SEO helps to make informed business decisions:

SEO serves you with great insights regarding your business decisions the data retrieved for the customer behavior can be used to develop new strategies, new launches, and to make sales and click-through funnels. Also with the help of the data sourced from google analytics, you get to know more about your customer, which assists you in giving better customer service.

5. Global availability:

SEO aids in increasing traffic from all around the world. This allows you to expand your business and increase sales without being limited by regional restrictions.

This increases the amount of your customer base as well as your revenue. Not only will you be able to develop your brand’s visibility in the market, but you’ll also be able to generate client trust in your products.

Global accessibility also aids in the development of your company’s reputation and provides exposure to the international market.


Over time, the importance of SEO has grown, and in today’s scenario and circumstances, SEO has become the most important factor in every business.

Incorporating SEO strategies for your business yield the desired outcomes and allow you to implement various marketing strategies. It makes no difference how big or little a company is; if you don’t show on the first page of Google’s search results, you will lose a significant amount of sales and visibility because no one bothers to look at the second page.

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