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When it comes to hiring employees for your business, it pays off to be thorough and do all of the necessary checks. You should go online and search for potential employees’ names on social media. This will give you an insight into their character and allow you to check the appropriateness of their posts.

Moreover, it is wise to get criminal background checks on employees, especially if they will be working with children or vulnerable adults. And lastly, on top of a professional reference, you should ask for a character reference. This will help you to understand who the candidate is outside of work.

Check Social Media

When you are hiring talent, there are some crucial things you need to find out about candidates. You want to know what sort of person they are outside of work as well as in a professional setting. You will get a feel for their business side in the interview and from their resume, but you can get a much deeper insight into their character from social media.

Search the candidate’s name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and see what comes up. If they are not easy to find or private, this is a good indication that they do not have a controversial or big online presence. If you do find them and can access their photos and posts, make sure nothing seems unsavory.

Do Police Checks

If your business involves staff coming into contact with children or vulnerable adults, it is a good idea to get criminal background checks for all potential job candidates before hiring. This allows you to ensure that your employees are all trusted and fit to work with vulnerable members of society.

This is important for the safety of the public and also for your brand image. You do not want to be associated with scandals or inappropriate conduct. So, make sure to complete DBS Checks on any potential employee before they begin working. This process is quick and easy, so there is no reason not to be sure.

Ask for Character References

Lastly, as well as a professional reference, it is wise to ask for a character reference too. This is an account of a candidate’s personal qualities and people skills written by someone who knows them personally, rather than professionally.

A character reference can be a valuable insight into a person’s true character and aptitudes. Read the word choice carefully and glean deeper insight into the candidate and how they are perceived by others.

Hiring qualified and trusted employees is a process that should not be taken lightly. You will only end up with appropriate and professional staff if you put in the work during the hiring process. It is a good idea to check the social media posts of potential employees before you agree to take them on.

What’s more, criminal background checks can protect you and your clients from untrustworthy people. And finally, character references are a great way to learn more about your candidates’ personal traits and people skills. Complete these checks for the best results.

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