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With a motto like “own your sexy,” it is no wonder people are curious to find out more about Yandy Lingerie and its models. Breathtaking advertisements paired with even more breathtaking prices, Yandy is one of the most popular online lingerie retailers.

Here are 16 popular Yandy models who’ve helped make the company the successful shop it is today.

What Is Yandy?


Image source: Yandy.com

Yandy is an American company and online retailer specializing in women’s intimate apparel, risque Halloween costumes, and swimwear. Founded by brothers Chad and Evan Horstman, its mission statement empowers its customers to accept and normalize their unique sexuality.

In the past, the company has faced backlash for their controversial Halloween costumes, such as the “Brave Red Maiden Costume” inspired by A Handmaiden’s Tale and pieces portraying dangerous stereotypes of indigenous peoples. Currently, Yandy offers thousands of products ranging in size from XS to 4X.

16 Popular Yandy Models

1. Anastasia Nova


Image source: Instagram

Anastasia Nova is a Russian model and actress known for her work modeling with Yandy. Extremely popular on social media, Nova has two separate Instagram accounts. To see her work, find her main Instagram account, “anastasiasupernova.”

2. Andrea Kuoni


Image source: Instagram

Andrea Kuoni is an American model based in Washington, DC. While she has modeled for Yandy, she is better known for her work with Playboy Magazines. Boasting an incredible career, Kuoni works on international modeling campaigns. Follow her exciting career on Instagram at “andykandy.”

3. Audrey Bradford


Image source: Instagram

Audrey Bradford is a popular swimsuit model employed by the IMD Modeling and Maverick Artists modeling agencies. In addition to her swimwear work with Yandy, she worked for Killer Swimwear and Aque Swimwear. See the latest swimwear trends on her Instagram page “dreybradford.”

4. Brennah Black


Image source: Instagram

Another American model, Brennah Black, is also an actress and television host, her latest work playing Elektra in a film called “Due Justice.” Well-known for her bikini ads, check out her fashion photoshoots on her social media pages. Follow this rising star and social media influencer on Instagram at “brennahblack.”

5. Jocelyn Binder


Image source: Instagram

Famous for working with the high-end modeling agencies “Wilhemina” and “Direct Model Management,” Jocelyn Binder is another lingerie model turned actress. Credits in her acting career include work in the movies “Murder in Miami” (2014) and “Marilyn Manson: kill4me” (2017).

Learn more about Jocelyn Binder at her self-titled website or her Instagram page “jocelynbinder.”

6. Kate Compton


Image source: Instagram

Kate Compton is an American model based in Los Angeles, California. Known for her bold looks, Compton is one of Yandy’s most famous lingerie models. Check out her Instagram page, “thekatecompton.”

7. Kristen Strout


Image source: Instagram

Kristen Strout is yet another popular Yandy model, often appearing in Yandy bikini collections. However, Strout is better known for the car and bikini promotion pictures shared on her Instagram account. Check it out for yourself on the Instagram page “r1_vette_babe23.”

8. Linda Posada


Image source: Instagram

Linda Posada is a Colombian model known to American audiences for her work with Yandy lingerie. However, Posada’s global popularity comes from being the face of Besame, a Colombian lingerie brand. Find Linda Posada on Instagram at “lindaposada13.”

9. London Ellis


Image source: Instagram

London Ellis, also known as Gabriella Ellis, is another American model based in California. In addition to her modeling career, Ellis is a singer-songwriter and content creator. Her Instagram account is “london ellis.”

10. Molly McAdam


Image source: Instagram

Molly McAdam is another successful Yandy model. An American based in Los Angeles, California, McAdam is known for portraying bubbly Yandy characters. Find her on Instagram at “mollsmcadam.”

11. Paola Canas


Image source: Instagram

Paola Canas is a successful Yandy model specializing in gym wear and lingerie shoots. However, Canas’ most recognizable modeling was her appearance in the magazines Playboy Mexico and Latina. Paola Canas is on Instagram at “paolacospi.”

12. Rose Montoya


Image source: Instagram

Known for their Yandy modeling, Rose Montoya is also an actor. In addition to their modeling/acting career, Montoya is a public speaker and advocate for the trans nonbinary community. Check out their Instagram account, “rosalynnemontoya.”

13. Rumer Noel


Image source: Instagram

Another successful Yandy model is Rumer Noel. When she’s not modeling, Noel pursues her thriving career as a dancer and choreographer. Select dance works are available for streaming on her YouTube channel. Otherwise, see more from Rumer Noel on her Instagram account “rumernowl.”

14. Sarah Loven


Image source: Instagram

Sarah Loven works as a writer and designer in addition to her modeling career. She is also an activist, utilizing the #SaveOurChildren on Instagram to bring domestic violence and child abuse awareness. Learn more about her mission and work by following her Instagram account “sarahloven.”

15. Summer Soderstrom


Image source: Instagram

Summer Soderstrom is perhaps the most famous Yandy face, known for her bikini shoots. An American model based in Los Angeles, California, Soderstrom is also an engaging social media influencer. Check out her work on Instagram at “summersoderstrom.”

16. Taylor Jevaux


Image source: Instagram

Our final Yandy model is Taylor Jevaux. Like many of her peers, Jevaux is based in Los Angeles, California. However, she is the only model on this list who works as both a director and videographer. Look into her modeling and directing work by following her Instagram page “taylorjevaux.”

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