Jewelry Usage Tips: Which Crystals Shouldn’t Be Kept Together?

Jewelry Usage Tips: Which Crystals Shouldn’t Be Kept Together?

Gemstones are valuable natural minerals that can have a major positive impact on your life because you can sell them for a significant amount of money, enjoy their therapeutic effect, or trade them for something more valuable. However, some crystals lose their core properties and energy when placed together with other gemstones.

Therefore, you should carefully use or store your crystals, ensuring that you don’t combine them with minerals that are likely to affect their properties and energy. This article offers you tips on how to use and store your gemstones, as well as advising you on which crystals shouldn’t be kept together.

Why Can’t Some Crystals Be Used Together?


As mentioned above, some crystals are incompatible. This means that they will affect each other’s valuable properties and vitalities. Crystals that are incompatible can either neutralize or excessively augment each other’s properties and vitalities.

Although incompatible minerals aren’t harmful to humans, they lack valuable benefits because they’ll destroy each other’s valuable energy and assets. In short, such gemstones will end up losing their active properties, which make them valuable. Therefore, you should be aware of the crystals that don’t work together to avoid putting them together.

If you put your incompatible gemstones together, their beneficial assets will be stifled preventing your stones from radiating their therapeutic vitalities. It’s also important to note that some crystals don’t work together, and therefore using them together will only have a bad influence on the melodious state of the person using them.

Unfortunately, many crystals are a mixture of several minerals. This makes it difficult to put together a definitive list of incompatible crystals that shouldn’t be kept or used together. Nonetheless, this article will attempt to discuss the most common crystals and combinations of crystals that are incompatible.

Which Crystals Shouldn’t Be Put Together?

Shouldn’t Be Put Together

1. Lace Agate and Red Jasper

If you’re looking for crystals that can help you to relax and slow down, blue lace agate minerals are the ideal choice for you. Red Jasper crystals, on the other hand, help to improve one’s vitality. Based on their conflicting energies, these crystals shouldn’t be kept or used together. If you use them together, they will neutralize each other’s vitalities thus rendering each other useless.

2. Clear Quartz and Gemstones with Strong Properties

Quartz is one of the most valuable minerals in the world today. It’s a hard crystalline gemstone consisting of silica (silicon dioxide). Its atoms are interconnected in an endless structure of SiO4 silicon-oxygen tetrahedral, and every oxygen is shared among two tetrahedral to develop a general chemical formula of SiO2.

Unfortunately, quartz intensifies the vitality of neighboring minerals, so it’s not advisable to use or place it near other minerals with powerful vitalities. For instance, you shouldn’t combine quartz with moonstone, which has very strong soothing properties, because it will intensify the moonstone’s vitality.

This means that you won’t get enough soothing vitality from your moonstone crystal. Additionally, you shouldn’t use quartz together with citrine because you’ll end up getting excess energy, which might leave you overly active and unable to focus on one task or thing.

3. Pure Quartz and Green Aventurine

Traditionally referred to as rock crystal or clear quartz, pure quartz is a hard, colorless, or translucent mineral that is normally used for creating hard stone carvings. It comes in various colored options including rose quartz, smoky quartz, citrine, amethyst, and milky quartz.

Unfortunately, pure quartz is incompatible with green aventurine because they have differing actions. Pure quartz offers strength, while green aventurine offers soothing and relaxing energy. Therefore, putting them together will cause them to neutralize each other’s vitality.

4. Tiger Eye and Smoky Quartz

Also referred to as tiger’s eye, tiger eye is a chatoyant crystal made of metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown color. Its gloss is quite silky. This mineral shouldn’t be used together with smoky quartz because of its opposing connotations.

Tiger eye is ideal for people who need excess energy and courage, while smoky quartz is suitable for people who need to be protected against excessive energy. Although smoky quartz is good for people who are generally active, its main energy helps you to relax and calm down. So, using the two crystals together is wrong because their opposing energies will neutralize each other.

Guidelines for Merging Crystals

Merging Crystals

Although the above minerals shouldn’t be used together, sometimes you’ll be compelled to combine different crystals to diversify the necessary vitalities. While it’s not absolutely wrong to combine crystals, there are important rules that must be followed to ensure that you get the best value and therapeutic effect. Here are the main rules for combining crystals.

1. Similar Crystal Structure

Before you combine any crystals, make sure you understand their structures. The idea is to ensure that they are compatible. Crystals whose crystal structures are similar are almost always compatible.

For example, you should combine crystals with the same cubic crystal structures because they are usually compatible. This means that their energies and properties won’t neutralize each other.

2. Similar Uses, Values, and Properties

If your crystals have the same properties, vitalities, values, and uses, they are almost always compatible. Therefore, you can combine them to enjoy enhanced benefits. Instead of neutralizing each other, these crystals will improve each other’s effect. So, always review the properties, vitalities, and values of your crystals before you combine them.

3. Similar Zodiac Signs and Planetary Association

Different crystals have different zodiac signs and planetary associations. For instance, tiger eye is associated with Aries for confidence, while red jasper is associated with Cancer for grounding. Lepidolite is associated with Virgo for change. So, combine crystals with similar zodiac signs and planetary associations.

4. Similar or Compatible Colors

Studies have revealed that stones with similar colors are always compatible in terms of energy. However, you need to check the properties and values of your crystals to make sure they’re compatible, even if they have similar colors.

Some crystals like ruby and garnet have similar colors but aren’t compatible. Also, you need to note that some crystals with different colors can be compatible in energy.

5. Similar Mineral Group

Stones that belong to the same family can be used together without a problem. For example, crystals in the quartz family can work together effectively.

6. Similar Elements

Combine your crystals according to their elements, including water, air, ground, and fire. Make sure these elements are the same. For instance, if you combine air crystals, you’ll enjoy a progressive change in your mindset.

Since crystals are an ideal way to increase your spirituality and manifest your desires, make sure the crystals you combine provide you with the desired connection with your spirituality. Choose their properties and energies wisely for the best experience.

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