what to write in valentines cards

Even if you don’t have a partner or significant other, you can always write funny Valentine’s cards for your family and friends! And who knows? They might laugh at your jokes in your funny Valentine’s cards if you nail those funny lines.

Anyone could be your first audience. Write in today’s silly, wacky, and even romantic card and you may just find yourself getting more responses than normal from everyone you send it to. Or maybe you want to tease your friends by sending them funny Valentine’s cards from Boomf.com.

Either way, it is worth trying out new things so here are 10 ways to make your funny Valentine’s cards more fun than usual:

Add a little bit of self-deprecating humour

Humour is one of the most important elements in any card. If you can’t find anything funny to write about, then no one will enjoy reading what you have to say. Plus, it’s even more enjoyable if you can make a little joke about yourself within your funny Valentine’s cards.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to add some self-deprecating humour. It might be as simple as adding a few words in parentheses that remind the recipient of some embarrassing moment you’ve had. It could be something as simple as a caption to your photo that makes a funny comment about yourself.

Whatever you do, make sure your funny Valentine’s cards don’t come across as too mean or it may put people off. It may seem like a good idea to the writer, but to someone else, it could seem like you are “talking down” to them.

Keep it short and sweet (but still funny)

While you should include as much information in your funny Valentine’s cards as you can without becoming too long and boring, you also don’t want to go overboard and write a novel.

On the other hand, don’t be so brief that you come across as boring or uninteresting. Find that happy medium that works for you. Something that is short enough to fit into the space on the funny Valentine’s cards, but still has a few witty and humorous words in it.

Include more than one joke

Humour isn’t always meant to be one-sided. While some people may be able to laugh at only one of your jokes, you may find that including more than one will result in a more favourable reaction.

This could be because people generally like to see their friends interacting with each other, even if it is just friendly funny Valentine’s cards. It could also be that people are happy to see that you aren’t afraid to poke fun at yourself once in a while.

Write something that will make people laugh

If you’ve tried all of the things above and found that they were not enough to get your friends to laugh this Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider writing something completely off the wall.

Try something completely different than what you normally write in your funny Valentine’s cards, and you may be surprised by the results. It can be risky, but even if it doesn’t land and you offend someone, you will have had a good laugh at your own expense. And sometimes, all that’s needed is a little bit of humour to give the day a little bit of a boost.


It can be nerve-wracking to write funny Valentine’s cards because you never know if the recipients will find it funny or if they’ll even open the funny Valentine’s cards from you at all. It can also be awkward to randomly write a funny card, especially if you are not very comfortable with that sort of social interaction. There are plenty of ways to make your card more fun than usual and make your friends laugh.

Try adding a little self-deprecating humour, including more than one joke, and writing something that will make people laugh. If you don’t have any close friends to send your funny Valentine’s cards to, you can also practise your card-writing skills by sending your friends funny Valentine’s cards from Boomf.

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