What Is Food Handler Certification

Food preparation that is safe for eating by the general population is known as food handling. Receiving instruction on personal hygiene and sanitation, preparing and storing food at the proper temperatures, and other safe food handling techniques are crucial for adopting safe food handling. Food handling is essential to food safety and should always come first.

Food Handler Certification

Another name for a food handler’s license is a food handler’s card, certificate, or permission. It attests that you successfully finished a food safety course authorized by the state or county. 

A “food handler” or “food employee” deals with unpackaged food, food-related tools, or surfaces that come into touch with food. If you want to get certified, check out these organizations offering food handler certification.

How to Get Certified

You may become a certified food handler through a variety of methods. The following organizations provide food handlers certification:


One of the most well-liked food safety courses in the US is ServSafe. ServSafe ought to be your first stop on the route to establishing good food handling practices in your facility since it is dedicated to ensuring every food service business correctly stores, handles, prepares and serves food in a straightforward procedure with little potential for error. 

The food handler certification program from ServSafe makes it simple to provide each employee with a certificate for handling food. Its primary purpose is to instruct students on the fundamentals of food safety, cleanliness, contamination, temperature, and cleaning.

How can I become certified in food service handling by Servsafe?

  • Get the training materials required as specified by ServSafe first.
  • The food handler certification course and the test cost $15. The cost of the study materials is not included in this.
  • Employees that are interested in attending should do so online or in person.
  • After that, a ServSafe-approved instructor must give the ServSafe test.
  • The proctor will inform you of the results of the examinations and the status of your certification.
  • A big certificate for framing and a smaller, wallet-sized proof would be given to you if your exam result was 75% or greater.
  • Your qualification is good for five years, after which you must recertify.

State Food Safety

State Food Safety has received the broadest and most widespread support from health agencies nationwide. Their food handler certification varies depending on the state, enabling managers and staff to get detailed information about local health requirements. 

The State Food Safety certification is a great choice for staff members seeking a food handler certificate due to their detailed instruction and compliance with various state or county standards.

How can I become certified in food service handling by State Food Safety?

  • The course uses interactive multimedia that makes learning simple and presents knowledge in digestible chunks, taking around two hours to finish.
  • Depending on your state, extra Health Department costs may be added to the $10 base price of the courses.
  • Each exam is tailored to include pertinent inquiries about your particular region or state.
  • State-by-state requirements for passing differ, but generally speaking, you must achieve a score of between 70% and 80% to be certified.
  • Most selections provide two test tries for individuals who might require it.
  • In most places, food handler certification cards are valid for two years. However, variations may apply state-by-state.

Food Handler Classes

Food Handler Courses provide online training, tools, and tests to give users the information they need to handle food properly. They offer study guides and tests suited to each state’s requirements and instruct users on local laws and ordinances. 

Food handler classes give you and your staff the information and skills required for professional food handling while also offering the convenience of online courses and tests.

How can I become certified in food service handling through Food Handler Classes?

  • Exams and courses cost $7. However, this may differ from state to state.
  • Select the course created for your state or company to ensure you get the proper information on local rules.
  • The course content is intended to be studied in less than two hours from beginning to end, and once you start, you have up to 60 days to complete it.
  • You have 120 minutes to finish the test, and you need a 70% or above score to pass.
  • You may print or download your certificate immediately when you complete the process.
  • Depending on the state, the validity of your qualification is two to three years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who needs to be a Food Handler? 

Someone who works in the food industry and either handles food or touches items like flatware, plates, and bowls that are likely to come into contact with food is considered a food handler.

Why do food handlers need a health certificate?

Food safety certificates imply strict adherence to laws and regulations, quality assurance, and the avoidance of food-borne diseases.

How do I get a food handling certificate? 

You may obtain a food handling certificate by paying for and finishing the level of training necessary for your employment function. 

The Bottom Line: What We Know

We know proper food preparation is crucial as it may prevent contamination and health concerns. That is why food workers need to obtain certification. Knowing that these food handlers may join organizations to further their knowledge and proficiency in food handling is helpful.

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