what happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied

Whether you’re married or courting, sex is one of the most important topics you have to constantly discuss with your partner. Many relationship therapists will tell you that sex can easily make or break your relationship.

As a man, you need to know that your woman is getting sexually satisfied to avoid the problems that usually come with a sexually unsatisfied woman. Continue reading to learn more about what happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied.

What Is a Sexually Dissatisfied Woman?

Sexually Dissatisfied

A sexually dissatisfied woman is a woman who’s frustrated by sexual inactivity or dissatisfaction. This frustration leads to a state of annoyance, agitation, or stress. The effects of sexual dissatisfaction in a woman can manifest in different ways. These effects vary from one woman to another.

Frustration by sexual dissatisfaction in humans is a natural reaction that a lot of women and men experience periodically. It denotes a woman’s sexual desires and her reality.

Contrary to the popular belief that sexual dissatisfaction only occurs in women with a high sex drive, studies have revealed that this frustration can occur in any woman whose sexual arousal isn’t met with enough sexual activity, resulting in tension.

Since sexual performance is a complex human engagement that affects both physical and psychological well-being, every woman experiences frustration from lack of it in her unique ways.

Some of the negative effects of sexual dissatisfaction in a woman include recklessness, depression, anger, anxiety, and more. It can also leave her feeling discontent. This experience affects women of all ages, sexuality, and social standing.

What Causes a Woman Not to Be Sexually Satisfied?


As noted above, sex is an important component in a romantic relationship mainly because it improves closeness. Therefore, when it lacks or becomes inadequate, it can have damaging effects on the relationship. Some sex therapists advise couples never to joke about this important activity. Some even encourage couples to create a timetable for sex, especially those who are married.

If sex is performed properly and both parties are fully engaged in it, everyone will get to the climax of the deed. Men ejaculate when they get to the climax, while women orgasm. Full sexual satisfaction comes when you reach the climax. Only 25 percent of sexually active women get to the climax, while 95 percent of men do.

This means that a large number of women aren’t getting sexually satisfied. Many of them can’t even remember when they had orgasms despite being sexually active. Some married women even admit that they have sex at least three times every week with their husbands but they don’t get satisfied. Many of them feel even more frustrated because they can’t talk about it with their husbands for fear of being seen as sexually wild.

Others claim that their husbands ejaculate after three or four minutes into the act, leaving them completely aroused. When this happens over a prolonged period, a woman will eventually lose interest in sex, which is the beginning of the end of many marriages and relationships. As a man, it’s dangerous to put your woman in the mood and then leave her aroused.

However, you need to understand that reaching orgasm or not doesn’t affect a woman’s ability to conceive. But it determines how much they enjoy the act. So, as a man, it’s important to discuss sex with your woman and try to find out if she really gets satisfied. If she doesn’t, try to understand why so that you can improve your performance.

Apart from a man’s poor performance during sex, the location of a woman’s sexual nerves is another reason why a woman may not be sexually satisfied. Unlike a man whose sexual nerves are located in his glans (the head of the penis), a woman’s sexual nerves are located in her clitoris, which is found at the anterior end of the vulva.

Therefore, her clitoris, which is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body, isn’t directly stimulated by the penis during sexual intercourse.

This delays a woman’s orgasm. So, if a man ejaculates fast or prematurely, they’ll leave their female partner hanging and frustrated. Studies have shown that sexual activity between a man and a woman usually lasts between 33 seconds and 13 minutes. However, some men can last longer, but regardless of how long a man takes to ejaculate, some women will still not reach climax.

According to Dr. Michael Olamoyegu, women fail to reach orgasm due to a lack of enough stimulation of the clit by the penis during penetrative sex. Therefore, it’s up to you as a man to find other more effective ways to stimulate your woman’s clitoris entirely during sex. For instance, you can use your hand to stimulate her before, during, and after sex so that she can reach orgasm.

Unfortunately, some women are ashamed to talk about their sexual dissatisfaction for fear of destroying their men’s egos. In some cultures, women aren’t supposed to discuss sex, not even with their husbands. Others are still practicing female genital mutilation, which involves chopping off the clitoris. These cultures only add to the frustrations caused by sexual dissatisfaction in women.

What Happens When a Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied?

What Happens

As discussed above, the sexual satisfaction of both parties in a romantic relationship is important because it improves the level of love and commitment to the union. It also lowers the rate of divorce. When a woman is sexually satisfied, she’ll enjoy numerous physical and psychological benefits, including reduced stress, anxiety, and improved physical health.

Unfortunately, many negative things can happen to a woman who is not satisfied sexually. Here are the most common effects of sexual dissatisfaction in women.

1. Low Immunity

People who engage in enjoyable and satisfactory sex regularly have better immunity than those who don’t. According to scientists, good sex boosts the production of protective antibodies in the body, which help to fight off opportunistic diseases caused by germs, bacteria, and viruses. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, good sex can be a real immune booster.

2. Low Libido

Contrary to what some people believe, the best remedy for a fading libido in both men and women is to engage in more sex. But sex has to be enjoyable to serve this purpose. In women, good sex increases vaginal lubrication pliability of vaginal tissues, and blood flow in the area. So, if your woman is continuously experiencing sexual dissatisfaction, her libido will drop.

3. Poor Bladder Control

Many women will suffer from urinary inconsistence sometime in their life. But this problem can be prevented by having regular orgasms. When a woman reaches orgasm during intercourse, her pelvic floor muscles are fully worked, strengthened, and toned. This reduces the risk of urine leaks and accidents. So, a lack of orgasm for a long time will only exacerbate the problem.

4. High Blood Pressure

Studies have established a connection between the lack of good sex and high blood pressure. This problem affects both men and women. Engaging in regular good sex lowers systolic blood pressure (the primary number appearing on your blood pressure test).

So, when a woman goes for a long time without experiencing sexual satisfaction, her systolic blood pressure will go up. However, this doesn’t mean that you should replace your high blood pressure medication with wild sex. It should only serve as an addition to the prescribed medication.

5. Increased Risk of a Heart Attack

Regular (good) sex has been found to regulate sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. These hormones increase the risk of heart disease when they are imbalanced.

So, when a woman suffers from sexual dissatisfaction, her sex hormones will either increase excessively or drop, exposing her to the risk of a heart attack. Science also suggests that physical exertion during sex improves a person’s heart condition, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

6. Poor Sleep

An orgasm encourages a woman’s body to produce more prolactin, the hormone responsible for sleep. This hormone also promotes the feeling of relaxation, serenity, and sleepiness. A lack of orgasm will therefore deprive a woman’s body of this vital hormone, affecting her sleep. Lack of enough sleep can lead to other problems, including less productivity at work, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

7. Chronic Stress

When a woman orgasms, her body releases the feel-good chemicals that boost calmness and happiness. If she was suffering from stress, the chemicals released in her body will help her to relax. So, continuous sexual dissatisfaction will leave her suffering from chronic stress.

8. Chaotic Relationship

Relationships thrive where partners enjoy a great social connection. Engaging in good sex with your partner boosts the overall well-being of the relationship. But if your woman is continuously from sexual suffering dissatisfaction, her frustrations will soon damage your relationship.

Signs You’re Not Satisfied Sexually As a Woman


Many women have given up on the idea of enjoying sex as they should and accepted their sexual disaffection as the norm. Some don’t even know they’re dissatisfied. They think they’re not supposed to enjoy the act the same way men do. If this is your current situation, the following points will open your eyes to realize how sexually dissatisfied you’re.

• Saying, “don’t worry about me”, or “I’m fine” when he asks you about how the sex was. These phrases are a clear sign of dissatisfaction and inability to work out what satisfies you during sex. They are a way of getting the pressure off of your mind.
• You’re no longer excited about sex. If sex satisfies you, you won’t hesitate to enjoy it whenever possible. So, if you don’t feel like having it, even when he wants to, it’s a possible sign of dissatisfaction. In most cases, you’ll no longer find sex topics with your sex partner interesting.
• Reminiscing about your previous sex partners and comparing them to your current lover. This shows that you’re not getting enough sex from your current partner.
• You’re always feeling the temptation to cheat on your sex partner. If you always find yourself admiring other men or looking for sexual connections online and at work, you’re suffering from sexual dissatisfaction.
• You’re always masturbating, even after having sex with your partner. This means you’re using self-pleasure as a substitute or an addition to having sex with your partner.
• You’re always feeling frustrated with your sex partner and life in general. Sometimes you’ll find yourself slowly moving into apathy with sex and other aspects of life.

What You Can Do If You Are Sexually Dissatisfied

Since sex is an important part of any romantic relationship, you shouldn’t let your sexual dissatisfaction continue frustrating you. You need to find an effective way to address the problem so that you can enjoy life like other women. First of all, you have to understand what sexual satisfaction means to you.

This is important because how you understand sexual satisfaction may be different from what your sex partner understands. So, take time to discuss this topic with your partner so that you can both read from the same page. Once he understands what you need to be satisfied, you can both figure out how to achieve it without making each other uncomfortable.

You should also find the courage to teach your partner different sex acts that make you feel satisfied. Maybe your lover is trying his best to make you satisfied in bed and therefore he doesn’t have any idea how frustrated you’re. Opening up to him, in a respectful way, about how you feel and what you expect will create room for improvement in your overall sex life.

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