wedding dj gets drunk

Hiring a wedding DJ is an excellent choice if you want to make your wedding memorable. However, choosing the right DJ can mean the difference between a fantastic MC and a disaster. The slightest mishap can result in offended guests and worse, assaults and arrests. 

In this article, we’re discussing what you should do if you accidentally hire a DJ who gets drunk. You can protect yourself from things such as this by creating a contract, avoiding hiring friends, and placing professionalism above all other criteria for the master of ceremonies. 

The Contract 

Your contract with your DJ should specify whether they can have alcohol and if so, how much they can consume. You should set the maximum limit your DJ can have and if you have worked with the DJ before or your planner has years of experience with them, you can better prepare a more accurate contract. 

If you hire your wedding DJ based on limited knowledge, you should be more adamant about your contract and how stringent you plan to be. Doing so can potentially save you from a lawsuit. 

Kicking a Drunk DJ Out of Your Wedding

As much as you want your wedding DJ to be professional, there won’t be much you can do if they decide to drink too much. If you are worried about hiring a wedding DJ who abuses alcohol, avoid hiring one that is a close friend. No matter how great they might be, you might wind up putting an unnecessary strain on your relationship while ruining your wedding reception. 

When Is Drinking At the Wedding Not Okay?

There are certain times when it is never okay for the wedding DJ to drink. They shouldn’t sneak drinks and they shouldn’t drink during times when no one else is drinking, such as during the ceremony. Imagine seeing a DJ off to the side of the ceremony taking sips of a Jack and Coke.

When Drinking Is Potentially Okay

If the bride and groom hand you a drink and asks you to toast to their wedding, having a drink might be okay, depending on the contract. Even if you don’t have a drinking clause in your contract, they should be careful not to exceed two beverages. DJs shouldn’t want to risk being sloppy during their performance and shouldn’t drive after imbibing anyway. 

DJs could also add a question about alcohol on your contract, such as asking whether it’s okay to have a beverage or whether dinner is included. However, this might appear unprofessional and might be best to steer clear from. 

A DJ might be able to drink if they are familiar with the couple and other vendors, such as the wedding planner are also partaking in alcohol. However, they should avoid standing at the bar and spending time in line for the bar. They should be at the DJ table. 

Bottom Line- What Do I Do If My Wedding DJ Gets Drunk?

If you are a wedding DJ, one of the most important aspects of your job is to maintain professionalism. If you’re sloppy drunk you not only act unprofessional. You also might cause yourself some liabilities that can result in legal action. 

For the most part, it’s best to maintain your sobriety throughout your performance so you can manage the crowd, perform a stellar show, and keep producing an unforgettable evening for all your guests. 

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