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It’s finally summer, which means we not only have more free time(hopefully) but we’re more willing to travel and discover new places. We feel more energized and it’s always better to go sightseeing when you can count on the weather to be sunny and warm.

For those living in the USA, the best option is to visit a neighboring state or city, especially if you’re limited in time and you don’t really feel like putting a lot of planning into your trip. Sometimes we just don’t want to put in the extra effort and, taking our fast-paced jobs into consideration, that’s completely understandable.

If you’re still debating where to head next, we’re here to help you out with that and give you a recommendation of our own. If you’ve never stayed in Las Vegas longer, we highly suggest that you definitely correct that mistake. Many wrongly believe that Las Vegas has nothing to offer apart from its top-notch entertainment.

Naturally, we can’t deny that this city is the capital of fun, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other aspects that make it worth your time. So, if you want to check why more than 32 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year, then stay tuned.

The ideal weather

If you’re planning on paying a visit to Las Vegas during summer, make sure to bring your loose and colorful clothes, as temperatures can get really high during July and August. The temperatures are often as high as 43°C(110°F) so remember to pack accordingly.

Although it does get hot in the city, that still doesn’t discourage potential tourists from visiting as Las Vegas has created many ways for its visitors to cool off and enjoy some shade. You’re probably familiar with the fact that the city has numerous hotels that are unmatched in luxury.

Almost every hotel has a large pool where you can get complimentary drinks and spend the day with your family, friends, or your loved ones. If visiting with children, don’t worry about finding ways to entertain them as there’ll be many activities for them as well.

Also, during summer, these pools basically turn into day-clubs so you can enjoy your favorite tunes and socialize with other guests as well. The weather conditions are also favorable during winter, which makes it a perfect destination for when you want to escape the cold.

The casino nightlife

Unless you’ve been to a casino while in Vegas, can you actually even say that you’ve experienced Vegas at all? We guess not. The casinos in Las Vegas are not your ordinary casino parlors. Quite the contrary, the high level of service paired with the extravagance of these casinos will make you feel like you’re a VIP and you’ll feel pampered the entire night as it’s their aim to please you and make sure you leave satisfied.

Passionate gamblers will be amazed by the variety of options available, from the many high variance slots to different card games, you’ll be sure to find a suitable game. Many hotels have a casino of their own on-site but if you’re staying in a hotel that doesn’t, don’t worry. Just ask around at the information desk and the staff will point you toward the nearest casino.

The unique shows

As we’ve mentioned, the entertainment in Vegas is completely unique and different from what you’ve seen before. The atmosphere is lively and you can always find something to keep you busy, no matter the time of day. When you’re outlining your itinerary, make sure to find time to see at least one show in Vegas and we promise you won’t regret it.

The best way to understand the glamor of Las Vegas and really get to know the city’s essence is to catch one of these shows. Some of the well-known shows that are organized are Cirque du Soleil, drag queen shows, different comedy acts and even magic shows.

If you’re interested in seeing a specific show, you can always look it up online to check the dates and see whether they coincide with your trip. Plus, it’s always better to plan this in advance, as during certain periods of the year, some shows can be sold out quickly. That’s why we strongly recommend buying tickets several weeks ahead if possible.

The bottom line

As you can see, Las Vegas is definitely a city that appreciates its visitors and strives to keep their guests entertained by the number of activities available. From casinos and one-of-a-kind shows to its beautiful scenery and extravagant hotels, Las Vegas has something for each type of traveler, so don’t lose time and book your trip now.

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