vaping is highly technical

Humans have always been fascinated with smoke and inhaling smoke. Smoke is included in many rituals through every culture no matter the continent. The Oracle of Delphi, Pythia, was able to see the future when she inhaled a certain smoke inside her temple. Moses saw the Lord after being exposed to smoke coming from a lit-up bush. Ancient Aztecs and populations of the South Americas actively used cannabis and tobacco plants for their rituals.

Now, smoking is attractive due to its addictive nature but also because of the social aspect. The latter is sometimes even more important for us and how we interact than the former. However, everyone knows the dangers of smoking and how many lives were lost to smoking. Vaping emerged as a new alternative to smoking with hopes of reducing the risk while also getting the hit. Vaping is more technical than you might think, but with this article, you will understand it better.


Whether you have a rechargeable vape or one with a limited amount of puffs, you need to take care of it correctly. When it comes to rechargeable Elf bar disposables, you do not want to overcharge them. Depending on your source of charging, it can take from around 15 minutes up to 2 hours to charge it fully. Everything with a rechargeable battery inside it should be maintained the following way.

Do not let the vape reach 0% but also do not let it stay in the charger when it reaches 100%. This will take a toll on the battery and thus reduce the lifespan of your vape. Vapes with a limited amount of puffs are safer in this regard, but you still want to take good care of them. Do not leave a vape in a very hot or cold environment. This can lead to battery damage or e-liquid discharge. 


A lot of people have their eyes on e-liquids because they have no idea what they are. At least with tobacco, you know that you are getting the cancerous burnt compounds in yourself. However, e-liquids are much safer than many people think, although we still do not have data on long-term usage. The major components in e-liquids are glycerol and propylene glycol, everything else is in traces.

These substances are harmless, but too many of them can cause problems in the lung due to their hydrophilic nature. Nicotine and flavoring are present to a much lesser extent, even though they are the main players in vapes. It is important to store vape liquids away from the sun and not let the air come in contact with the liquid. Sunlight and oxygen can degrade the main components of vape liquids into much nastier substances.

How a vape works

In order to understand vaping, you do not need prior knowledge of quantum physics. However, it is important to distinguish the main mechanism compared to smoking cigarettes. The reason why cigarettes are so dangerous is that they burn and react with oxygen. The result is substances that are not fully degraded and are highly reactive with molecules in our bodies. Vape liquids are heated to their boiling point in an instant which makes vapor, not smoke.

The vapor has all the same compounds as the liquid inside without any burnt substances. This makes everything different and it is very important in understanding vapes better. The main dangers of vape come from overusing it, but everything is dangerous when you overdo it, even water. This is why even if vapes are deemed safer, you should still use them in moderation if you want to enjoy them.

What is going on in your body?

The reason why smoking is so popular in general is that it is an effective way of ingesting something. The only faster route of administration is directly into the bloodstream, which is why drugs are usually administered that way. The flavoring compounds bind to their receptors, but some are going to end up in the lungs. The glycerol and propylene glycol can cause irritation to the lung which can result in inflammation. 

Nicotine is absorbed quickly due to its structure where it is transported throughout the body. There are a lot of receptors for nicotine inside the body and they are stimulated upon binding. This results in the nicotine rush that people feel because it is a systemic reaction in the body. These receptors are spread out in almost every part of the central nervous system, which is why the scale is so great.

The future of vaping

Vaping is still new and there is still a lot of research that needs to be done. However, vapes are evolving quite quickly with each passing day. The future of vaping will include using other substances that are tested in the long term. This will take years, which is why we must be patient and stay responsible until the results come in.

As the machinery behind the vape goes, they will change up the battery and the heating system. The batteries are the main problem with today’s electronics, they are not sustainable. If we can talk about how fossil fuels are not renewable, why can’t we talk about lithium being a limited resource? We already have much better alternatives to lithium batteries, but the industry would take a big hit if we started using them.

These are some of the technical aspects behind vaping that are important to understand. This does not mean that everything about vapes can fit into one single article online. There is a whole lot to talk about here, but you need to understand the core principles of vaping first. With these technicalities, you can understand much more about vapes than learning the parts of it like a song.

With this knowledge, you can understand the basics and ease your later studies on vapes. Your train of thought is much more important than harboring a large sum of information. With a developed way of thinking about vapes, you will be able to engage in a much greater discussion. Pure facts and pieces of information without a brain to think about them are the worst combination.

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