use door hangers in promotions

Door hangers, in business promotions or in normal day-to-day sales activity can generate close to 5% ROI (Return on Investment) once implemented. They work well in terms of response rates and can have a really great impact on sales especially with large-scale distribution of products for a brand. You just thought, “You mean just a door hanger could do this?” Yes, I did!

As a brand or business owner, you should consider using door hangers for your promotions to make a huge difference. They are unique because you can use them to advertise to your consumers directly! They get fast attention since consumers can’t help but notice them and on average, “open” rates are on a higher scale for door hangers as opposed to other business promotion strategies like mails. 

These are just but obvious reasons to move your sales a notch higher. Read on and understand more about custom door hangers for your brand/business promotions.

They are economical

Take a deep thought and try to recall how many ads you’ve seen on social media platforms and on the streets for one particular brand or business. How much does it cost you to print and put up a whole billboard? Quite a huge amount of cash isn’t it? 

One particular reason that door hangers still remain as a popular option for business promotions is that they are cost-effective. This is particularly relevant to small brands/businesses whose customer base can be considered local. Take for example your brand hits the streets with a Christmas promotion. Christmas door hangers would really boost your sales, for a local scope/target market.

They can be ordered in batches and are very appropriate for the needs of a small business. Door hangers help in the delivery of results that are significant, at a reasonable price compared to other methods. Isn’t this relevant to your brand/business’ promotions?

They are personalized

By being personalized and customized, door hangers can communicate your business’ or brand’s identity and create a unique recognition, setting your brand aside from others. Door hangers printing online by 4OVER4 provides full customizable options and being a step ahead, allows you to select a preferred template for our vast pool of options. 

The designs we provide for your brand’s door hanger in business promotions include an infinite variety of layouts, fonts as well as color schemes. They can also come with glossy feels, full-color photos and even graphics to deliver your message to its intended recipient and build that awesome impression!

It’s hard not to notice them

Implementing door hangers for your business promotions will have them at one particular location as the name suggests, doors, and precisely, the handles. When the average working-class citizen comes home from work, they tend to get to the mailbox and fetch any new or existing mail, sorting it out without taking a closer look. You wouldn’t want to promote your brand/business via such channels.

Door hangers shine because of their unparalleled visibility. They are in the open and in one spot which is prone to a must touch or see. Customers have to interact with your hanger, by pulling it out to open the door and will most likely read the message and here is where you have your chance to pitch and win a sale!

They can advertise seasonal or holiday discounts

Door hangers are prevalent in the holiday season which is characterised by plenty of offers available from brands and businesses, both big and small. The holiday season, around the corner, has proven to be a busy time for brands since clients need a lot of goodies to move through the holiday. From Christmas trees to gift boxes and wraps, clothes, shoes, accessories and even trips!

What a way to advertise discounted prices for goods at your brand’s store or online market! This is the cheapest and cost-effective way to announce your offers for the holiday in your brand’s local scope. Move a step further with 4OVER4 by even implementing beaded door hangers for your brand, showing warmth and proper customer friendliness to your clients.

They are used in targeted marketing

As mentioned earlier, for small brands, local target audiences are a great selection to employ your door hanger strategy on. You can reach hundreds of homes and people, a selected audience, with such an approach to promoting sales for your business. 

For a small brand or business with limitations in marketing budget, door hangers are an excellent tool to get to a preferred audience that wants or might use a particular product you provide. You can reach a small business with a limited marketing budget and reach a larger than expected group of prospective customers at rock bottom rates!

Wait no more, reach out to 4OVER4 and get your brand/business up the board with skyrocketing sales as a result of implementing door hangers for your business promotions!

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