100 Most Uncommon Girl Names You Would Have Ever Heard Of

100 Most Uncommon Girl Names You Would Have Ever Heard Of

Nothing wrong with a simple name like Jennifer or Kate, but sometimes a name can add more bling to a person’s personality. It can become a source of pride for them. Want to give your daughter the most unique identity you can?

Here are 100 of the most uncommon girl names you’ve probably never heard of and their meanings.


#1. Adia – “Noble” in German, also means “gift” in Swahili.

#2. Agatha – “Good” or “Honorable” in Greek.

#3. Aja – “Goat” In Sanskrit.

#4. Aliz – An Old German version of “Alice,” means “noble” or “exalted.”

#5. Amalia – “Industrious,” “striving,” or “laborious” in Latin.

#6. Amani – “Peace” in African.

#7. Arcelia – “Treasure chest” in Spanish.

#8. Arden – “Great forest” in Latin.

#9. Azura – “Sky blue” in Spanish.

#10. Beatriz – A variant of “Beatrice,” means “voyager through life” or “blessed” in Latin and Spanish.

#11. Brenna – “Little drop of water” or “raven” in Gaelic.

#12. Calliope – “Beautiful voice” in Greek, also “muse of epic poetry” in Latin.

#13. Callista – “Fairest” or “most beautiful” in Latin.

#14. Christa – “Chosen one” or “anointed” in Greek.

#15. Clementine – A deep-orange shaded tangerine from North Africa, also means “merciful” in French.

#16. Corazon – “Heart” in Spanish.

#17. Damaris – “Calf,” “to tame,” or “gentle” in Latin.

#18. Dasha – “Gift of God” in Greek.

#19. Delora – “Sorrows” in Spanish.

#20. Devora – “Bee” in Hebrew.


#21. Devyn – “Poet” in Irish.

#22. Elodie – “Marsh flower” in Greek.

#23. Esmeralda – “Emerald” in Spanish.

#24. Etta – “Mistress of the home” in Italian.

#25. Faye – “Belief” or “loyalty” in French.

#26. Fionnuala – “Fair shoulder” in Irish.

#27. Florence – “Blooming flower” in Latin.

#28. Guadalupe – “Wolf Valley” in Spanish, or “river of the wolf” in Arabic.

#29. Giada – “Jade” in Italian.

#30. Gwyneth – “Happiness” in Welsh.

#31. Haisley – “Hazel woods” in Irish.

#32. Havana – “Place name” in Spanish, also a type of cigar made in Cuba.

#33. Holland – A country in Europe, also called The Netherlands, also means “wooded land” in Dutch.

#34. Iman – “Belief” or “faith” in Arabic.

#35. Iris – Daughter of the Gods Thaumas and Electra from Greek Mythology.

#36. Isabeau – “God’s promise” in Hebrew.

#37. Isolde – An Irish princess.

#38. Ilse – “Oath of God” or “my god is bountiful” in English.

#39. Itzayana – “Created name” in Spanish.

#40. Jiya – “Piece of heart” in Sanskrit.


#41. Juniper – Juniper tree.

#42. Kamilah – “Perfect” in Arabic.

#43. Kamiyah – Created name in America.

#44. Karasi – “Life and wisdom” in African.

#45. Kehlani – “Sea and sky” in Hawaiian and “sea heavens” in Polynesian.

#46. Kesia – “Favorite” in African.

#47. Khadijah – “Early baby” in Arabic.

#48. Khari – “Queenly” or “born to rule and bring joy” in African.

#49. Kyra – “Lord” in Greek.

#50. Lalana – “Playing” in Sanskrit.

#51. Lalika – “Lovely woman” in Sanskrit.

#52. Larisa – An ancient Greek city meaning “citadel.”

#53. Layla – “Night” or “dark” in ancient Arabic.

#54. Lelitia – “Joy” or “gladness” in Latin.

#55. Leoni – “Lion” in Latin.

#56. Livvy – “Olive tree” in Latin.

#57. Logan – “Little hollow” in Gaelic.

#58. Lourdes – Name of a place in France.

#59. Lyanna – “Field” or “Gracious” in American.

#60. Magnolia – Magnolia flower in English.


#61. Maia – “Good mother” or “Earth goddess” in English.

#62. Marissa – “Of the sea” in Latin.

#63. Marixa – “Of the sea” or “bitter” in Spanish.

#64. Mercedes – “Reward” or “wages” in Latin.

#65. Millicent – A name of Germanic origin, meaning “Work” and “Strong.”

#66. Mirabel – “Wondrous” or “of wondrous beauty” in Latin.

#67. Miyanda – A name of African origin, meaning “of unknown meaning.”

#68. Morena – “Brown-haired” in Spanish.

#69. Myka – “Who resembles God” in Hebrew.

#70. Nadira – “Scarce” or “precious” in Arabic.

#72. Navya – “Young” in Sanskrit.

#73. Nerida – “Sea nymph” in Spanish.

#74. Nikita – “Abode” or “the Earth” in Sanskrit.

#75. Noella – “Christmas” in French.

#76. Nola – “A little bell” in Irish.

#77. Octavia – “Eighth” in Latin

#78. Odette – “Wealth” in German.

#79. Oksana – “Praise God” in Russian.

#80. Omarosa – A name of African origin, meaning “my beautiful child.”


#81. Opal – A type of precious stone.

#82. Pandora – “All gifts” in Greek.

#83. Perla – “Pearl” in Latin.

#84. Petra – A famous archaeological site of temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs, located in Jordan.

#85. Piper – “Pipe player” or “flute player” in Romanian and English.

#86. Priscilla – “Ancient” or “venerable” in Latin.

#87. Quinn – A name of Gaelic origin, meaning “wisdom.”

#88. Rosalind – “Gentle horse” in German.

#89. Roxy – “Dawn” in Persian.

#90. Siobhán – “God is gracious” in Irish, also a form of the French name “Jeanne.”

#91. Serenity – “Peace” in English.

#92. Skylar – “Eternal life” or “Eternal love” in English.

#93. Tallulah – “Leaping water” in Native American and “lady of abundance” in Irish.

#94. Teagan – “Beautiful” or “Perfect” in Irish.

#95. Tessa – “To Reap, To Gather” in Greek.

#96. Trista – “Noisy” or “full of sorrows” in English.

#97. Wren – A name of English origin meaning “a small bird.”

#98. Yolanda – “Violet” in Greek.

#99. Yuka – “Reason,” “fragrance,” or “flower” in Japanese.

#100. Zahirah – “Brilliant” or “shining” in Arabic.

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