5 Types of Moms and the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Them

5 Types of Moms and the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Them

Being a mother has long been said to be one of the hardest jobs, and as a child, whether you’re young or older, honoring your mother through the perfect Mother’s Day gift can feel daunting.

While gift-giving can be stressful in general, finding something to show your mom just how much she means to you, the years of caring for you and the love she has shown you, not to mention all she’s taught you – well, it’s hard to find an item that conveys such a strong message. If you’re wondering what to give your mother this year that is a thoughtful gift but also suits her personality type, keep reading for the best gifts based on the type of woman your mother is. 

1. Gifts for New Mothers 

Maybe you’re a husband looking for a gift for a mom who’s just had a baby; whether it’s her first or fourth, there are gifts that every new mom can appreciate that have nothing to do with the baby. Spa gift certificates are excellent so she can relax and enjoy a pampering facial or receive the health benefits of a massage.

New mothers are often sleep deprived, and an espresso machine with accessories like mugs and milk frothers can take her coffee consumption to a more elevated level. Loungewear that’s comfortable but luxurious is another fantastic Mother’s Day gift idea for the new mothers in your life. 

2. Gifts for Moms of Multiples 

Moms with multiple children are constantly pulled in a million directions simultaneously. Driving kids to and from appointments and extracurriculars and juggling school commitments with their kids’ social lives probably feel like they’re burning the candle at both ends. What this momma needs is relaxation – alone. Book her a complete spa day and ensure you or a sitter cares for the kids.

Let her enjoy a kid-free day to recharge and reset to approach the next day feeling like her pre-mother self. You can bet she’ll miss her kiddos after being gone from them all day, but this is the perfect present to show her you see how much she sacrifices to keep the family afloat. 

3. Gifts for Mothers With Refined Taste 

Whether the mom you’re shopping for is a fashionista with her finger on the pulse of every trend or a minimalist who sports a capsule wardrobe, plenty of mothers enjoy the finer things in life. While fine jewelry is a gift every mom deserves, this type of mother will appreciate a gift like diamond stud earrings, huggie gold or hoops, or any solid gold jewelry.

Maybe her collection is missing a pearl necklace – pearls symbolize wisdom, and there’s a reason for the adage “Mother knows best.” Jewelry is expensive, but the cost will never amount to how much your mother has invested in your health and happiness. Fine jewelry is always a winner for Mother’s Day gifts. 

4. For the Working Mom 

Being a mother on its own is extremely demanding, but if the mother you are shopping for is like 70% of American mothers, she’s also holding down a job outside of the home and parenting.

While many of the gifts mentioned above could make a great gift for her this Mother’s Day, you could also give her a new laptop, a designer work tote, or noise-canceling headphones to help her concentrate while she’s burning the midnight oil working from home. Perhaps a gift certificate to her favorite boutique to shop for business clothing. Showing your mom how much her hard work means to you and the family is easy with these gifts. 

5. For the Grandmothers

While Grandmother’s Day is celebrated in some cultures, it doesn’t receive the attention that Mother’s or Father’s Day does, so if the mom you’re shopping for is your grandmother, remember that keepsakes are the way to go. A special piece of artwork from one of her grandchildren and a poem written by a teenage grandchild make great gifts for the grandmothers in your life. You could also gift her a bracelet with all her grandchildren’s birthstones as a meaningful memento. 

The above gifts make great presents for all types of moms on Mother’s Day, but in reality, tell your mom you love her every day, how much you appreciate her, and how you’d be lost without her. If you’re lucky enough to have your mother in your life, celebrate her every day, but go over the top with one of these gifts on her special day.

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