try an electric violin

During these trying times, people are in the face of difficulties and challenges that might seem to be endless. If you are having a hard time coping, you should try to focus on other things. There are many ways for you to relieve stress and anxiety, and one of which is to play musical instruments.

Although it can be challenging, it is still a fun and relaxing thing to do. In case you are wondering which instrument is a great one to try, a piano is a good one, a classic guitar is also a good choice but electric violins are uniquely amazing.

Why should you try an electric violin?

Take a look at the reasons why you should try an electric violin today and decide for yourself! 

Easier to produce sound

If you are in love with the sound of a violin but having a hard time dealing with a classical violin, an electric violin might be what you need. Typically, you’d see violinists trying hard to place their classical violins in front of the microphone to be heard, well, it won’t be a problem if you’ll use an electric violin. All you need to do is plug that amplifier and you’re ready to perform! 

Transformed and modern sound

Right now, an electric violin is on top of the trend, especially in modern music. Just like an electric guitar, you can easily transform its sound by applying effects. You can try the effects like reverb, distortion, wah-wah, delay, and many more. By utilizing these effects, you can easily alter and produce the sound you want to make. 

Play silently 

What’s great about an electric violin is it does not have a soundbox. However, you can’t also produce sound without any amplification. The good thing about it is you can plug headphones and an amp so you can play in silence while at home. 

Avoid feedback 

Who wants feedback anyway? Feedback is the number one enemy of musicians and sound engineers when they want to amplify acoustic instruments. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about it when you use an electric violin because you don’t have to use external microphones or components anymore.

Advice on how to choose an electric violin

You need to consider a few things to determine the best electric violin for you. Take this advice as your buying guide before going to shops. 

  • If you want to have a quality electric violin, you need to invest in it and allocate enough budget. Expect less to those violins that seem too good to be true when it comes to prices. 
  • Choose the right size according to your physique. You don’t have to choose the biggest or heaviest one because it will just give you pain and an uneasy feeling when playing. 
  • Always choose the violin based on your level of playability. If you are a beginner, then choose the electric violins meant for beginners so you can easily master the instrument. 


The transformation of sound nowadays has changed a lot, and as a response to this, it’s time to level up your way of playing. It’s classy to have that traditional violin, but if you want to play with convenience and get along with the modernity of music, an electric violin is just waiting for you to be explored. It’s not too late to start learning it! 

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