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Despite the ever-increasing digitisation of our lives, there can be no substitute for a physical copy of a photograph. While our digital collections are inevitably lost in the ether of infinite content, printed pictures are made to last. Framed, mounted on the wall, or as part of an album, physical copies offer more longevity and sentimentality than their digital counterparts.

Check out our guide for some of the best and most creative ways to display the pictures you love.

Albums & Books

These are tried-and-true methods for storing and displaying photographs. They can be a fun collection of random snaps, or a tribute to a significant life-event, the growth of a child or a year spent travelling, for example. No matter the content, photo albums and books are still one of the best ways to preserve our pictures.

If you’re looking to print your digital photos and compile them into a physical book, consider using a photo book maker like My Social Book, which offers an all-in-one printing and publishing service, so you can immortalise your most precious pictures.


Framing a picture might seem obvious and maybe even old fashioned, but there’s a reason it remains one of the most popular methods to display a photograph. It serves as an acknowledgement of that picture’s particular value, with framed pictures often displayed in a place of prominence to further establish its importance.

The style of frame you choose can work to compliment the tone and meaning of the photograph itself. Go for bright, loud colours for a fun, light-hearted snap, while muted, subtle styles will work for more formal photographs. Framed photos make for a fantastic gift, particularly for a parent or grandparent, with children, pets, or even yourself among the perfect subjects.


A collage can be a brilliant way to collectively display a group of photographs, be it from an event like a holiday, wedding, or party. Grouping pictures can convey the sense of the event as a whole, making for a more visually interesting and engaging presentation. There’s no limit on size when it comes to a collage, keep it small with a few carefully selected pictures, or go all out and create a full wall display that will instantly add life and vibrancy to a room.

Personalised Cards

Converting your photographs into personalised cards for events like birthdays and Christmas can be an amazing way to turn what are often disposable commodities into treasured, highly personal gifts. The options are endless, try a silly photo of the dog for a light-hearted touch or a full family photo for the grandparents Christmas card to make it that bit extra special.

Gift Photo Books

If you’ve taken a lot of photos of someone else, at a wedding, or birthday party, or perhaps when you’ve been travelling with them, a photo book full of the relevant photos makes for an amazing gift. Sure, they might have access to the photos on social media or in their digital photo album but there’s nothing like showcasing their favourite photos in photo books that last the test of time.

Photos look so much better in person and if you want to make a gift that’s both personal and shows that you’ve put thought and effort into it. They’re also pretty evergreen. So you can gift photo books for Christmas, a birthday, and as a nice surprise.


There’s certainly something to be said for the enduring prevalence of physical media, and when it’s something as personal and emotionally charged as a photograph it can be easy to understand why. Physical photographs offer something digital ones don’t, they can be collected and displayed in a number of ways, becoming prominent features in our homes or passed down as treasured heirlooms.

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