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We all have those favorite products that we think will always be around. Unfortunately, that’s never the case. Companies give up on products all the time, be it due to lack of demand, high production costs, or some other reason.

There are various reasons why despite being a compelling product and loved by many, some things just stop being available and sold in the market. Take a look at some things that aren’t for sale anymore even though they were once popular.

9 Things That Aren’t For Sale Anymore

Home Decor Category

#1. Garden Tools Throw Pillow by Laura Megroz

Garden Tool

Image source: Chandler4corners

Designed in Vermont by Laura Megro and handcrafted in India by skilled artisans, this 18” by 18” throw pillow was a sweet nod to homeowners who love gardening and enjoy being near the earth. The 100% natural cotton throw pillow with a color-coordinated cotton backing and green piping featured three gardener’s tools and had a neutral color scheme with bright pops of red.

Unfortunately, this once-popular gardener’s throw pillow is no longer available and has been tagged discontinued on Wayfair’s website.

Personal Category

#2. Banana Nut Cheerios


Image source: Pinterest

Cheerios have been a breakfast favorite for many years. Aside from the highly popular honey flavor, there was once the banana nut flavor that featured real banana puree on its ingredient list. It was a huge hit among kids and adults alike, but it was not meant to last long. This variation of Cheerios was all discontinued and taken off the US shelves in 2015 and was gone for good in 2017. It made a brief return in 2019 but there were only limited stocks.

Cheerios didn’t explain why they stopped manufacturing the flavor, but it is possible that the product was either not selling well or was slow-moving. However, given that this flavor was almost always sold out, no one is entirely sure what happened.

#3. Entenmann’s Butter Coffee Cake


Image source: Pinterest

Nothing beats a fresh, home-baked cake. But, if you are pressed for time, then Entenmann’s Butter Coffee Cake was the go-to for many households.

The brand offers plenty of cakes and doughnuts to choose from with a wide variety of flavors. The scrumptious Butter Coffee Cake was one of its hugely popular cakes. It was a hit when it was first released but was eventually discontinued without any updates from Entenmann.

#4. Game Boy

Game Boy

Image source: Pinterest

Since its initial 1989 release in Japan and the US, Game Boy changed the world of gaming. The iconic grey-black brick-shaped device introduced kids to some addictive and entertaining games and made Nintendo a household name.

This handheld console was a hit among both adults and kids, with many believing it laid the foundation for many games that we know and adore today.

Unfortunately, with the rapid evolution of technology and new games entering the market, Game Boy was discontinued in the early 2000s.

However, there have been strong rumors since 2021 that Nintendo might be bringing Game Boy back. Fingers crossed!

#5. Black Cherry Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke

Image source: Pinterest

A pantry staple from Coca-Cola was the exciting Black Cherry Vanilla Coke flavor. Like any newly released Coca-Cola product, this new flavor had that added oomph that many were looking for in their drinks.

But, after one year of giving that high sugar satisfaction, Coca-Cola stopped the distribution of the product. Interestingly, when the brand released the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke flavor, the Vanilla Coke flavor went on hiatus, only to come back after the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke ceased to exist.

Many speculated that the brand had to choose between the flavors and wanted only one Vanilla variety at the time — the classic Vanilla Coke won.

#6. Pontiac


Image source: Pinterest

In business since 1926, Pontiac was the sister brand of Chevrolet, under the brand of General Motors. Pontiac is an era-defining name, featuring muscle cars and legendary models like the Trans Am and GTO. It quickly became a top-selling brand in the US.

Unfortunately, not all good things were meant to last. Despite many attempts to save the brand, their leadership team could not develop a strategy for the Pontiac brand to continue. There were concerns about declining sales and not making enough profit from their cars.

And after more than eight decades of service, Pontiac was discontinued in 2009.

#7. Altoids Sours


Image source: Pinterest

The history of sour candy was forever changed when the classic Altoids Sours entered the market in 2004. These were tiny brightly colored candies that tasted, well, sour, and came in small reusable aluminum tins.

The sour, tangy candies gained rapid popularity, but the success was short-lived. By 2010, the company cited that the iconic Altoids Sours, due to poor sales, had to go. Now, you just have to settle for the still popular Sour Patch and Skittles candies.

#8. Sparrow Email Client

Email Client

Image source: Pinterest

Apple’s email client went on sale on the then Mac App Store on February 9, 2011, and within a single day, became the store’s top paid application. It made email transmission more convenient thanks to its simplified platform and user-friendly interface.

Sparrow paved the way for how emails can become a seamless part of your daily routine without the need to log in to webmail to check, send, and receive your emails. It automatically downloaded your emails without you needing to exert any effort.

By 2012, however, the company that developed it was acquired by Google, resulting in this email client being discontinued.

Garden Category

#9. Step2 Stone Hill Tranquility Pond

Tranquility Pond

Image source: Pinterest

A popular favorite among homeowners who want to incorporate some waterworks in their garden, Step2’s Stone Hill Tranquility Pond was a beautiful centerpiece.

Having this tranquility pond in your front or backyard offered a lovely little space for you to relax and take in the beauty of your garden combined with the steady and tranquil sound of water.

Unfortunately, in 2010, Step2 announced they would discontinue the product but released alternatives to the original pond.

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