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How To Switch Yourself To A Vegan Lifestyle?

How To Switch Yourself To A Vegan Lifestyle?

Thinking about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle? As intimidating as this process might seem, there are still ways to make it easier.

A lot of times the thought of making a significant change in your lifestyle is scarier than actually implementing it. But, the catch to go about this change is to take small steps at a time. This will give you time to accustom yourself to the transition and will also make it feel more like a natural one.

All around the world, people are going vegan for a lot of reasons. Some are approaching it with an attitude of inflicting minimal harm to the animals, environment etc. from their sides. On the other hand, some are wanting to lead a vegan lifestyle for benefitting their own health. Though this change is happening at a gradual pace, about 3% of the world’s population has already adopted a vegan lifestyle.

So, without further delay, let’s get into how you can switch yourself to a vegan lifestyle:

1. Start with getting your facts clear

Before you get into making changes to your diet, research more about veganism. Familiarise yourself with the benefits it entails and educate yourself regarding what’s at stake in the production of animal products. Try enlisting down your own reasons for this transition.

Learn how many calories a vegan diet can provide you with and how you can nourish yourself by consuming that. When you visit a grocery store, try to see if you know which of the products are vegan. It’s also recommended to search nearby vegan restaurants or places that provide vegan food in addition to other foods.

You can also read blogs, magazines etc. to be well-informed about everything. By taking these small steps, you will know more about veganism and feel more confident about this change.

2. Go for adding items to your diet before subtracting it

Begin with adding vegan items like whole grain, legumes, beans, tofu, nuts etc. to your diet. Try experimenting with vegan recipes, understand how vegan items are prepared etc. to make a smooth progression towards this lifestyle.

Find out about vegan vitamins and enrich your diet with these. There are some quick vegan meals that you can make and keep yourselves satiated as well.

Go for non-dairy milk products such as soy or almond. These are a couple of options among others available in the market. Try them out and see what works out the best for you.

3. Go for selective vegan days and timings

Instead of jumping into a full-fledged vegan lifestyle, start off with selecting a few days to eat vegan food. Then, gradually start increasing the days and very soon, you will go full vegan.

You can also take another approach involving timings. Consume vegan food until 6 pm, and then eat whatever other food you want for dinner. Then, slowly start increasing vegan hours in a day.

Sometimes giving up a non-vegan food item can be more difficult than it seems. In such cases, try finding its substitutes.

4. Keep trying new vegan items

Make it a point to try a few new vegan foods every week. As and when your sampling size will start increasing, you will find more alternatives to animal-derived food items.

This will increase your comfort with vegan food. And in no time, when you crave food, the first option that will strike your mind would be vegan.

5. Try advocating a vegan lifestyle

If you have a fair share of knowledge regarding the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, try educating about it your friends and close ones. Share your experiences on social media if you feel comfortable.

Through this, people might also start supporting your transition and try it out by themselves. If your close ones try this lifestyle out, you can also eat vegan meals with them which will make these experiences more wholesome.

6. Be firm with your beliefs

Lastly, this entire transition is tough on a personal level. There will also be people who might try and convince you to do otherwise.

But you need to remember your reasons for starting this journey and be mindful of how much progress you have made or will make.

Over to you…

This decision is a big and healthy one, so remember to go about it at a pace that suits you. Don’t compare your journey with others, set realistic goals, don’t submit to pressure and most importantly enjoy it!

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