style room with parquet wood floors

When it comes to decorating your home, there are many things you can do to add a bit of personality and style. From unique furniture to patterned wallpaper, the options are endless but a great place to start could be with flooring. Parquet wood flooring for example can transform the look of a room instantly but can be tricky to style. Read on to find out how to go about using this flooring in your home.

For the classics

Parquet floors are often associated with elegance and refinement; the style was first seen in the Palace of Versailles no less! Its appeal has continued over the decades as it is not only visually appealing but also durable and strong.

Due to its rich history, the perfect way to style a room with a parquet could be to go for a more traditional look. Parquet really compliments traditional wooden furniture and period features in a room, you can use the flooring as a talking point of the interior without it taking away too much from the other surroundings.

For the traditional

If traditional isn’t your thing, parquet wood flooring also works equally well in more modern settings. For example, if you have a lot of bright colours and patterns, adding in this type of flooring can bring in some warmth and nice contrast.

The ‘Scandi’ look has been very popular in interiors for some time now so why not think about going for a whitewashed parquet to tie in with this? This will create a light, airy feel but a welcome addition of pattern. However, tread carefully with parquet floors in smaller rooms as it can feel too much in an enclosed space, especially if there are other patterns in your scheme.

For the person thinking outside the box

Finally, there are some other interesting design details you can incorporate into your home by using parquet floors. The pattern itself is usually laid in a classic herringbone style but this is not the only option. Think about going for a crosshatched or brickwork pattern for extra style points.

As touched on earlier, you can also play with the colour of your parquet, dark and glossy for example could be a great option for a more masculine scheme. Don’t forget this type of flooring is not just for the inside! Parquet works well outside as it is much more interesting than traditional decking yet is just as durable.

Over time the wood will become gently weathered by wind and rain which will result in colour variation and lovely layers of detail.

These interior design options show that parquet flooring is much more versatile than most people may think. Though its pattern and history make it feel quite traditional, it works just as well in both rustic and contemporary schemes. The option to change its colour and pattern means that it can be adapted to your individual taste and style. It is also something quite out of the ordinary to usual flooring options so will no doubt be eye-catching and a talking point in any home!

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