staying safe on the road

In the modern day, there are many safety features included on cars that make them extremely reliable and that allow for less car accidents on a yearly basis. With this said, technology is imperfect which means all drivers need to refresh themselves on the importance of staying safe on the road. The best way to tackle this is to learn about the common causes for car accidents along with general tips to keep yourself safe.

How Common Are Car Accident Fatalities?

On a daily basis, almost 3,700 people are killed around the world due to car accidents. This averages out to over a million lives lost on the road yearly, making it one of the global leading causes of death. Whether it’s a crash with a car, motorcycle, pedestrian, bus, or some other vehicle, these accidents can have long-lasting and sometimes fatal repercussions.

On top of this fatality figure, somewhere between 20-50 million people are injured in car accidents yearly, going to show how common these accidents really are.

7 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe on the Road

Given the prevalence of car accidents on the road, it’s useful for anybody to learn the best ways to keep themselves safe on the road. Each of the following seven tips can do exactly that:

1. Avoid tailgating other vehicles

While there are certainly drivers out there who go below the speed limit, it’s never a good idea to tailgate these drivers. One common type of vehicle that is tailgated for driving slow is trucks, but remember that there are laws which keep trucks in the right lane in many states. If you are unsatisfied with their driving, consider switching to the left lane to pass, rather than tailgating.

2. Keep an eye out for hazards on the road

All drivers should be watching the road about twelve seconds ahead of their vehicle in order to maximize their reaction time. This can give a driver enough time to spot any road hazards, traffic, or anything else that may be getting in the way as they drive down the road.

3. Never drive in weather conditions you aren’t familiar with

Poor weather conditions are a leading cause of accidents in the United States and around the world. Whether it be heavy snowfall, torrential rain, or even heavier than normal winds, poor weather creates unique driving conditions. For those not familiar with these conditions, attempting to navigate them can lead to disaster.

4. Don’t mix substances with getting behind the wheel

While all drivers are told never to drink and drive, the unfortunate reality is that many do choose to take part in this. Always avoid getting behind the wheel if you’ve had anything to drink or have taken any drugs. On top of this, if you see another driver driving erratically, give them space on the road.

5. Take care of preventative maintenance on your vehicle

Mechanical breakdowns are another common reason car accidents occur around the world, which is why handling preventative maintenance is so important. This refers to the regular and routine maintenance of your vehicle which is designed to prevent the risk of serious problems developing. This can include changing your oil, rotating your tiers, or a variety of other tasks.

6. Remove any and all distractions from your vehicle

The modern-day smartphone is an excellent device that allows a person to tackle a multitude of tasks, but it isn’t a good choice to use while driving. Remove any and all distractions from your vehicle before you hit the road. Whether that means sending one final text from the parking lot or scarfing down your meal before driving, no driver should have distractions on the road.

7. Handle an accident appropriately

Should the unfortunate event of an accident occur, handle the situation appropriately by exchanging contact information with the other driver along with insurance. Take photos of any damage done to your vehicle or theirs for proof, and inspect yourself for injury. It’s also an excellent choice to visit the doctor after a car accident just to double check that there are no hidden injuries.

The Bottom Line

Nobody wants to find themselves involved in a car accident, regardless of how minor the accident may actually be. Whether it’s dealing with insurance or working through a debilitating injury, there are a slew of side effects that car accidents have. Use each of the above seven tips to improve your daily driving skills so that the risk of an accident is reduced.

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