Main Ways To Stay Safe While Casually Dating Multiple People

Main Ways To Stay Safe While Casually Dating Multiple People

Casual dating is more popular than ever. It really isn’t that difficult to see why, since people’s lives today are a lot busier than they were half a century ago. Many people simply don’t have the time or energy to maintain a full-time relationship.

However, human beings are sexual creatures and do need sexual fulfillment. Casual dating involves having casual sex with a variety of different partners, therefore giving people an opportunity to fulfill themselves, but without the commitment of a proper relationship.

This post will tell you how you can stay safe when you are casually dating.

Verified Sites

When you are looking for somebody to have casual sex with, it’s important to use a verified website. The reason for this is that on such websites, the chatlogs are stored by the site, meaning if you ever go missing or if you are hurt by the person that you meet, the website you have been using can then produce them and give them to the police.

Dating sites have been instrumental in catching sex offenders and even murderers in the past. It’s also worth noting that using a dating site is the easiest way to find a sex partner because the matches will find you.

Try to find a site that’s very active, has localized searches, and has been open for a while. Also, make sure that it has good reviews.

Wearing Protection

Whenever you are having casual sex, you need to make sure that you wear protection. Casual sex can be dangerous if protection isn’t worn, unfortunately. Having sex with strangers and not wearing protection is a surefire way to pick up a sexually-transmitted disease.

If you are a woman, then make sure that the man that you have sex with wears protection. You shouldn’t ever let a man have sex with you without it unless you know him very well. The best way to ensure that people you have sex with wear protection is to carry it around with you, so you’re always prepared.

STD Tests

Many people actually request that the people they meet on dating sites produce negative STD tests before they will meet them. While this is a bit extreme, you really can’t take any chances anymore, so it’s a good idea.

You should take an STD test yourself, so you can rule out anything. One of the good things about requesting your casual sex partners to produce STD tests is that once you’ve seen their negative test, you can actually safely have unprotected sex with them. Make sure that it’s a recent test, however. Don’t accept old tests.

Public Places

If you are meeting somebody on a dating site for the first time, then it is a very good idea to meet them in a public place. Meeting them in a public place first will give you an opportunity to verify their identity, get to know them, and make sure that there’s nothing off about them.

If you get them to come straight to your house and you then discover that they are not who they say they are or you think that they are a bit weird, then it can be too late, and it might be difficult getting rid of them.

Conversation First

When you meet somebody from a dating site, in addition to verifying their identity, have a conversation with them first and get to know them. Sex is a very intimate experience.

Even if you don’t plan on having a continuing relationship with the person that you have met, it’s still good to know who you are sharing sex with.  You can talk to them when you meet them for the first time in public.

If you are satisfied with them and want to then have sex, you can take them to a hotel. A hotel is a much better option than one’s own house.

Hotel Rooms

The reason that a hotel is a much better option is that taking them to a hotel means that they won’t be able to track you down, stalk you, or bother you afterward. It also means that you will both be caught on camera going into a hotel room, in case they do anything to hurt you. 

While it’s extremely unlikely the person you meet on a dating site is going to want anything other than sex, getting evidence of who they are is always a good idea, just in case anything goes wrong.

If you are casually dating multiple people, then you need to stay safe. The best way to stay safe is to follow this post’s advice. Make sure to take each point into consideration, so you can ensure your own safety.

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