stay in shape during holidays

To stay in shape, you need to watch your diet and stay physically active. During holidays, it’s hard to maintain healthy habits: the constant eating of salads, fatty foods, lack of exercise, and the desire to lie on the couch with a laptop, where a legal gambling website is constantly turned on, do their job.

If you usually come back from the vacations a few pounds more, and you don’t want to lose your shape, follow these tips. There are no hard restrictions, but at the same time, you’ll be able to keep the results of proper nutrition and training.

1. Eat Unhealthy Foods in the First Half of the Day

If you don’t want to gain extra pounds, but you are eager to eat your favorite meals, there is a way out. Try to eat all unhealthy and calorie-dense foods in the morning (preferably before 12 am). This will allow you to eat without restriction. The fact is that in the first half of the day in our body there are more enzymes able to break down carbs.

Moreover, you will get rid of everything that you eat before 12 am with the help of a physical activity. If you eat caloric foods in the evening, you won’t have time for this.

2. Drink Water

Try to drink a glass of water half an hour before meals. Water triggers your body’s metabolic processes, which promotes weight loss. Besides, during the holidays, when we have a lot of food in the fridge, we often confuse what we really want – to drink or to eat.

Besides, water removes toxins from the cells, improves the digestive system, gets rid of constipation, lethargy, weakness, fatigue. So it is worth replacing a cup of coffee or juice in the morning with water.

Besides that, drinking water lets you get even more benefits:

  • Water gives you energy. Energy is life. Since water makes up 75% of your body, you need it for life. If you don’t get enough of this crystal-clear liquid, you won’t get renewed.
  • Water improves your skin, hair and nails. During perspiration, water benefits your skin by moisturizing and clearing your pores. Thanks to this, the skin not only looks healthy but also becomes so.
  • Water is the prevention of headaches. If you suddenly have a headache, don’t rush to grab pills. All the pains, crunchy joints, nausea, dizziness, spasms are signals that he was missing something. Your headache could be due to a lack of water in your body. And instead of pills, it’s better to drink extra water.

3. If You Don’t Want to Do Sports During the Holidays, Try to Walk More

Few people want to go to the gym on holidays. But you can replace workouts with physical activity. For example, you can get out of the house more often for a walk. Walking outdoors and enjoying the atmosphere of the holiday is much more pleasant than pedaling on an exercise bike.

4. Don’t Eat Like It’s The Last Time

You can eat absolutely anything during your holidays. The problem is the amount of food that you consume. Usually from the abundance of different dishes on the table, people lose their head and stop controlling themselves and their appetite.

You want to fill up on holiday treats for the year ahead. Who’s stopping you from making or buying olivier meals throughout the year? Why do you eat everything around you with such greed? Get out of the habit of eating like it’s your last meal.

5. Take 15 to 20 Minutes a Day to Exercise at Home

Make it a short workout. Finding 15-20 minutes a day to do a few exercises is not that difficult. Especially when it comes to your figure and health. By exercising at home, you make your first trip to the gym after the holidays easier. Such workouts are especially useful for those who don’t like to leave home during the holidays.

6. Eat Portions

Don’t eat everything you want at one meal because this can only harm your body. Eat small portions at least three or four times a day and make sure that you have a break of at least three hours between meals. It will let you get rid of pain in your stomach and eat everything you want during holidays with no complaints 

7. Don’t Cook Too Much

The biggest mistake you can make during the holidays is to cook a lot of food, assuring yourself that this way you don’t have to go near the stove all week. In fact, after a couple of days, you’ll be sweeping everything you see off the shelves of the fridge.

First, because it’s delicious and you want it. Secondly, because then it will be a shame to throw away all the preserves because they’ve expired. Cook food for one day, grabbing at most the next morning. This approach will allow you to dose the amount of food and not suffer later.

8. Adapt Your Meal Recipes

You can eat your favorite foods prepared with a modified recipe. For example, if you replace the calorie-dense dressing in a salad with something lighter, the taste won’t change much, but it will do much less harm to your figure.

Instead of frying meat in oil, try baking it in the oven – this way the dish will be less fatty and calorie-dense. Not only will you not have to give up your favorite foods, but you won’t have to work out your taste buds at the gym.

9. Choose the Right Drinks

Of course, you can’t do without alcohol and juices during the holidays, but if we talk about beverages that don’t go against the rules of healthy eating, we should mention water, natural coffee, cocoa with milk, green tea, milk, and drinking yogurts.

Any beverage on this list can be consumed on its own and as an accompaniment to meals during meals. Try to consume more healthy beverages, and your body will feel comfortable.

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