spend weekend without children

Have you decided to ship off the kids to a fun-filled summer camp while you and your partner enjoy some much-needed couple time? Or perhaps, the grandparents have stepped in to give you a weekend’s relaxation while the kids enjoy freshly baked goodies in the countryside? Either way, you need to grab this opportunity and prepare for a fun and excitement-filled weekend.

Most parents would like to relax and indulge in guilty pleasures they can’t enjoy with the kids around, like reading. Many others would want to revisit the days of their youthful glories with a poolside party and BBQ session. Which one are you?

Read on to explore some fun ideas to spend the weekend without children to look after.

A Romantic Weekend Getaway

When was the last time you and your partner decided to embark on a romantic getaway or an exciting adventure? For most responsible parents, these getaways end after they choose to have children. The vacations we take with our kids are epic in their own way, but the endless chores of managing children while traveling can make romance a distant thought.

You and your partner deserve a romantic getaway now that the children are engaged in a healthy environment, leaving you stress-free and relaxed. You can head off to a nearby resort, a national park, or another adventure you’ve been dying to enjoy.

Weekend-long Gaming Marathon

Remember those weekend-long gaming marathons when you only left the room to refuel on snacks or receive your pizza delivery? Well, those days can come back, for a weekend at least. The idea is to invite your buddies over for a rip-roaring gaming marathon and immerse yourself in the carefree days of your youth.

The online gaming industry has transformed dramatically in recent years, and gamers have an abundance of variety to explore. You can play multiplayer role-playing games or challenge your friends to a tournament of online roulette. Raise the stakes to make things interesting, and don’t forget to stock up on snacks and junk food.

Binge-Watching Escapades

If your ears are ringing with the electrifying tunes of Baby Shark, you deserve a weekend of binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies. Children have a way of monopolizing all digital devices, be it the TV, a tablet, or your smartphone. They want to watch their cartoons and shows while eating, playing, and sleeping, and sustaining this screen addiction usually works nicely for sleep-deprived and perpetually exhausted parents.

With the kids away for the weekend, you and your partner have the TV all to yourselves. You can tune into Netflix or Amazon Prime and find a binge-worthy TV show to turn your weekend into a cinematic adventure. Consider setting up a projector in your backyard to create a romantic ambiance to make this activity more special.

An Elaborate Date Night

Planning an elaborate date night at a fine dining restaurant, followed by a club-hopping adventure, is much easier when you’re not constantly fretting about leaving the kids with a babysitter. You and your partner can relive the early days of your romance and reignite the sparks by revisiting the spots that helped you connect.

The idea is to indulge in a lavishly romantic affair – something you wouldn’t consider with the children at home. With the children away, you won’t have to worry about drinking too much or staying out too late. You and your partner can attend a concert or hit your favorite club for a crazy night of endless dancing.

Final Thoughts

All things said and done, staying away from one’s children is one of the hardest things to do. Parents worry incessantly and endlessly, mostly because it’s their job to fret over their children’s well-being and safety. But when you’re confident that your child is in safe hands, you must make time for adventures and activities that bring you joy as a couple.

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