speed clean your home

Let’s face it; there is not a single person on the planet who wants to spend their time cleaning their home, their car, or whatever piece of property they might own. But such is life, and it’s a responsibility we just can’t run away from. And this in no way diminishes the cleaning industry and cleaning staff, even when the sector rarely gets the praise it so rightfully deserves.

And while there are multiple types of cleaning services, such as janitorial cleaning services, finding the right one can be daunting. But you are in luck as our guide will help you to decide on the best way to speed clean your home.

Clean your entire house

Of course, this depends on the size of your home, but it’s always a great idea to clean your entire home rather than in stages. Now what we mean by this is that if you are planning to only clean two rooms on your cleaning day, you refrain from doing this. But there are multiple tricks you can make use of to make cleaning easy yet quick. The idea is to work smarter rather than harder.

• Pick one task at a time: It’s time to vacuum, sweep, or dust, do these tasks in every room where it is required instead of moving around to each room and then completing the task.

• Prepare in advance: You can prepare your space for cleaning the day before by placing your cleaning products and tools where you are going to need them.

• Have a system: There is nothing better than having a system that ensures you finish your cleaning in record time. Clean in the same order every single time you clean your space, working on one room at a time and finishing off where you began so that you don’t waste time going back and forth. If you want to cut your cleaning time in half, you need a system.

• Be structured: Clean top to bottom and left to right. These might seem trivial, but it does help you to focus and structure your cleaning so that you firstly don’t waste any time, and secondly, you can knock some time off of your cleaning. As an example, if you are busy cleaning your kitchen, do not start with the refrigerator; instead, start with your top cupboards and work your way down.

• Cleaning windows: There are two foolproof ways to ensure your windows are streak-free, and both save you time. First, you can opt for the formidable squeegee, which truly offers pristine windows. And the second choice is to shine your window using old newspaper after you’ve washed it with soap and water.

• Think smart: There are wonderful cleaning products available across the globe that allow us to be proactive in our cleaning. One such way is with shower cleaner. If you are preparing to clean your home tomorrow, spray your shower cleaner the evening before to allow it to set and break through the dirt.

And you can do the same with your carpets. Drop the carpet cleaner the evening before to allow it to sweep through overnight. You can also do this with your oven. Spray your oven the night before and allow the grease to be broken down, making it easier to clean the next day.

• Cleaning the tough spots: Now, all of us have experienced the toughness of cleaning microwaves, but it does not have to be difficult to clean. If you find that your food warmer has hardened food sitting all over it (come on, guys, it’s called a microwave cover), place a single cup of water in the center and heat it until it’s just about boiling.

Once done, remove the cup of water, and you are left with moisture inside the microwave. This moisture helps the dried-out patches of food to soften. Now this will be much easier to clean and drops unnecessary time you would have spent scrubbing. Cleaning experts have also shared some amazing tips on cleaning your microwave, including how to remove odors.

There’s nothing like the experts

Cleaning companies offer a range of expert services like no other. Not only are these services magnificent, but the people carrying out these tasks are super-efficient. And not only that, cleaning companies come packed with the best tools that cut cleaning time down dramatically.

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