smiley piercing aftercare

To avoid health complications such as infections after getting your smiley piercing, you need to take proper care of it. It is a special unique piercing in a very specialized location, and for this reason, it requires extra aftercare.

This piercing is situated in the frenulum connecting your gum line and upper lip. This piercing is named smiley piercing because it is only revealed when you smile.

1. How to Take Care of a Smiley Piercing

During the first few weeks after getting your smiley piercing, you will need to put some extra effort into taking care of it. You will need to be very sensitive and careful when handling it, too, because of its sensitive position.

To take care of smiley piercing during the first few delicate weeks, you must thoroughly flush your mouth with a lot of clean water, especially the area with the piercing. You also need to use warm sterile water or a solution of seawater to flush the pierced area once in a while.

To flush the pierced area using this solution, you will do it just the same way as you flush using a mouthwash. You must do it after brushing your teeth, so you are sure that the solution gets to the pierced area.

For the best activity, you should hold the solution in your mouth so that the piercing is well submerged. Piercing can be tempting to mess with, but this always causes harm, and for this reason, you should do your best not to fidget it.

Sometimes flipping it with your tongue can be so tempting. However, doing this will only cause harm to the piercing because it will alter the surrounding tissues.

You should not eat hard foods that can cause harm to the piercing, as this will only slow the healing process. Spicy and acidic foods are also not good when they come into contact with your piercing, as they can irritate the surrounding tissues. Crunchy things are also harmful to your fresh smiley piercing.

2. How Long It takes for a Smiley Piercing to Heal

The duration of time it takes for a smiley piercing to heal depends on the aftercare. Roughly, the time it takes to heal is between 4-12 weeks and any time longer than that is a cause of concern, and you will need to get it checked by a professional.

With the location of a smiley piercing, it is almost impossible to have it undisturbed compared to other piercings, such as ear piercings which you can decide not to touch. You need to take good proper care of it because the area is also constantly irritated. To fasten the healing process, you will need to be gentle with the area and minimize touching because you cannot stop eating.

You will know the piercing is healed if you don’t feel any pain upon regular contact. Another sign that your piercing is healing is not experiencing discomfort, such as regular irritation in the area.

However, a few months after the healing, you should not take your piercing out for a long duration of time. This is because it will take a good amount of time after the initial healing for the piercing to stop trying to close.

3. How Painful is Smiley Piercing

Unfortunately, there is no solid answer to how painful a smiley piercing is. The pain experienced while getting this piercing will always vary from person to person. This means that some people will experience more pain than others.

One advantage of this piercing is that it is done on a very small piece of skin or tissue inside the mouth. This means that there won’t be much maneuvering during the process and less pain.

Some people will say that this piercing is virtually painless, but the truth is that you can’t know until you experience how your body responds to it.

4. Signs of Smiley Piercing Rejecting

There is always a slight chance that your body might reject a piercing, which is not an exception when with a smiley piercing. If you realize that your piercing is getting worse instead of healing, you should know that your body is rejecting the piercing.

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