Smartphone While Away On Vacation

The general population has become inseparable from our highly sophisticated smartphone devices in 2023. The vast majority of us use a mobile phone to send emails, conduct any banking queries, follow the latest trends on social media, and everything else in between. When we’re embarking on a vacation away, though, be it to the American heartlands, one of Asia’s major cities, or a European destination, do we really need our smartphone devices?

Many people go on vacation to escape technology and the daily email alerts and text messages they receive, but for others, it can be tough to abandon their technology-based friend and everything that comes with it, from Instagram stories and music streaming services like Spotify to playing games like Boom Pirate slots or Candy Crush.

The fact is, our smartphones have the power and sophistication to house an array of offerings in the modern world, hence why so many of us can’t keep our eyes off them. But while we’re enjoying a relaxing trip away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life, do we really need our smartphones with us? Let’s take a look below.

There are obvious benefits to ditching your phone while away

While we rely on technology to conduct various aspects of our lives, there are clear benefits to leaving devices like a smartphone behind while on vacation. For starters, there’s an argument to suggest that you’re more likely to take in and enjoy your surroundings if you aren’t being distracted by notifications on social media and the occasional WhatsApp message from friends.

By ditching your phone and the inevitable social media obligations it brings with it, you’ll be forced to immerse yourself in your surroundings and observe every detail around you. As such, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of a location and learn your way around the place without the need to rely on your smartphone’s GPS service. You can ask for directions from fellow travelers and locals, potentially making friends along the way and making new discoveries.


Of course, there are times when a smartphone device might be necessary, perhaps for ordering a taxi or finding the nearest hotel to stay at, but they should never hog a holiday and divert your attention away from the reason you’re there. For many, the opportunity to switch off from their smartphone devices, avoid work emails and issues at home, and unwind in a foreign setting is the perfect antidote to life’s stresses.

A smartphone can come in handy on holiday

While the aforementioned crowd prefers to leave their modern-day mobiles at home during a five-star break, there are others who wouldn’t be able to holiday without them. While there are obvious benefits to ditching a smartphone device during a trip away, utilizing a mobile phone’s variety of services while in a new setting can help a great deal also.

For instance, with more and more people capturing their videos and imagery using high-quality smartphone cameras, the need to record any memories while away on vacation is entirely understandable. Likewise, if you’re unable to ignore social media for a week or so, then the opportunity to upload pictures and keep your followers updated on your travels is important to some holidaymakers.

Perhaps more seriously, though, is that a smartphone device can become an important safety tool while away in an unknown location. For example, if you’re lost and unable to find your way back to where you’re staying, then a phone’s GPS service can come in handy, alongside the option of ringing a local taxi service, a tour guide, or even the police in case of an emergency.

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