Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

A happy relationship is full of love, laughter, mutual respect, and intimacy. But it is possible that you find your boyfriend sometimes falling short of giving you the reasonable amount of attention you’d expect from him. This can leave you feeling negative and unimportant.

To make sure that you’re on the same page as your boyfriend, here’s a list of signs he doesn’t love you anymore that you hopefully are not experiencing.

#1. Lack of Communication

Lack of Communication

Communication issues can cripple a relationship like no other. It can cause issues with physical and emotional intimacy as well as worsen a conflict.

If your boyfriend doesn’t seem to talk to you as much as he used to or ignores you, it could be cause for concern. Are you feeling lonely, unseen, or irritable in the relationship? If he doesn’t make an attempt to connect anymore, it’s apparent that he may be losing interest.

#2. Giving Unnecessary Excuses to Avoid You

It isn’t a secret that people grow apart over time, but communicating what they’re feeling is the bare minimum they owe to their partner.

If your boyfriend uses silly excuses to avoid spending time with you, it may be a sign that he isn’t interested in a relationship anymore. You definitely deserve effort over excuses. It would be best to prompt an honest conversation about what is going on, so you can move on in case he does not want to continue dating.

#3. Being Secretive

Does he seem too protective of his phone? Have you noticed that he does not offer any information about his activities anymore? Unfortunately, behaviors like these create distance in a relationship.

It is definitely your right to confront him. Try a solution-oriented approach by using polite questions to understand his behavior. This does not mean you excuse his bad behavior, but give him the chance to explain himself.

#4. He Ignores You

Being ignored by someone you love is bound to make you feel undesired and disrespected.

Relationships are not the place to engage in games, so stonewalling or playing hurtful games shouldn’t be tolerated at all. If he’s busy with work, ask him to make a little time for you. Or, call him out. If he doesn’t have a reasonable excuse for his behavior, it’s best to let him go.

#5. He’s Not Involved in Your Life

He’s Not Involved

Simply checking in with each other is one of many ways of being involved in someone’s life.

But, if your boyfriend’s fallen out of love with you, he may not be as interested in knowing your day went or other important life events. It can feel devastating to realize that your boyfriend doesn’t really care about your personal affairs.

#6. He Is Rude

Your boyfriend can be irritated and snap at you sometimes because of other reasons like work pressure. Although not entirely justifiable, it happens to the best of us.

However, if it is extremely out of character for your boyfriend to behave this way, sit down with him for a talk. He may be rude towards you because he’s fallen out of love or maybe because he’s trying to get you to end the relationship.

#7. He Humiliates You

Being made fun of or humiliated, be it in public or private, can be quite hurtful.

Your boyfriend should be one of your biggest cheerleaders, someone you can trust and be vulnerable around. If he ends up humiliating and hurting you, tell him that you do not appreciate his behavior. He may be doing it “playfully.” But if he still doesn’t stop, that is a clear sign of him having problems with the relationship.

#8. He Lies To You

Honesty is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. A little white lie now and then that does not harm anyone might be forgivable, but constant lying is definitely a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

The lies may be about inconsequential things or could be about his daily activities and equations with other people. If he’s not willing to explain to you why he’s doing this, consider this betrayal a sign that he isn’t the right choice for you.

#9. He’s Hot ‘n’ Cold

He’s Hot ‘n’ Cold

To be hot and cold towards somebody is to be extremely pleasant and loving on one day while completely ignoring them the next day.

Sometimes, this behavior can be explained away by something happening in your boyfriend’s life, but if he’s doing it in a way that messes with your self-worth, get away from him immediately. This behavior is a means of enforcing a trauma bond with somebody, as the “push and pull” can become quite exciting in a harmful way.

#10. He Gets Angry Easily

Becoming mad over small things is a sign that your boyfriend lacks the self-awareness needed in an adult relationship. If he’s been getting too snappy lately without any provocation, sit him down and ask him what’s going on.

Anger is a natural human emotion that is a sign of self-protection, but it could get dangerous for you quickly. There are multiple ways to respond to anger, but it won’t matter if he’s unwilling to listen to you. If he isn’t in a position to control his temper, it’s best to say goodbye and walk away.

#11. He Stops Making You Happy

The honeymoon phase of your relationship where your boyfriend flirted with you every day and made room for little surprises may naturally wane into a stable, predictable equation. And that’s definitely a good thing.

But feeling a little bored is definitely different from feeling unattended. It is always possible to bring the spark back into your relationship. However, if you feel like he gives you no reason to stay, it is time to accept that and move on.

#12. He Compares You to Other Women

An unspoken golden rule of dating is to never compare your partner with somebody else. Especially other exes or potential romantic attractions.

You deserve to feel special, and it can be painful to watch your partner list all the “good things” you’re missing that someone else has. It can ruin your self-confidence and cause resentment towards them. This is a major sign that he is ignoring your feelings, so it may be time to move on to people who love you for what you have to offer.

#13. Getting Angry With No Definite Reason

Getting Angry

Endless temper issues from your boyfriend can be quite the grating experience. When someone is angry, there is usually a reason for it.

But, if your boyfriend has been consistently angry with you for no good reason, it is possible that they’re angry at you for simply being there. You may just be the subject of their anger, and mature communication is the only way to sort it out.

#14. He Gives You Little or No Attention

It is only fair that your boyfriend spends some time with you, and often. This helps both of you to remain close while being in the loop of each other’s lives.

Lack of attention is a sign of being emotionally uninvested. You don’t have to confuse being ignored with feeling needy. If it becomes a labor to attract your man’s attention, it may be time to let him go.

#15. He Keeps Forgetting Special Events

Accidentally forgetting an anniversary or missing a dinner date is certainly excusable. But, if your boyfriend has made it a habit and missed a series of events important to the both of you, it’s time for an honest conversation.

You deserve to celebrate little milestones in your life and relationships with the people you love. But if your partner acts like you aren’t a priority, then you may have to remove him from your priorities as well.

#16. He Stops Saying Loving Words

Flirting is a form of intimacy that becomes underrated after you begin dating. Plus, nothing is sexier than watching your man make an effort to tell you how much you mean to him and how special you are.

If this kind of loving conversation becomes one-sided, it is a sign that he may not be as invested as he was or should be. You could try having a candid conversation about your needs, but if he fails to meet them, you know what to do.

#17. He Does Not Care About Your Feelings

A healthy relationship is nurturing. Seeking healthy acknowledgment and validation from your partner is normal and expected.

Unfortunately, he may not check in with you and fail to take your feelings into consideration if he is falling out of love with you. It’s definitely painful to witness someone you love discard your feelings.

A Few Parting Words

You deserve to feel loved, valued, and desired by your boyfriend. After all, it’s only fair that you expect him to invest energy and put some effort into the relationship, just as you do.

If you feel like something is up with your boyfriend, you have to communicate it with him. If you spot any of these signs he doesn’t love you anymore, it’s best to end the relationship for your long-term happiness.

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