Tips For Selling Feet Pics Online In 2022

Tips For Selling Feet Pics Online In 2022

Are you looking for a unique idea to make money from home? The unconventional yet trending startup of selling feet pictures has gained popularity over the years.

This unique money-making idea can help you generate a stable income. In fact, some users have earned up to $90K per year only by selling their feet pictures.

If you also want to indulge in this money-making idea, here are some tips to help you get started!  

Selling Feet Pictures Online

Before selling your feet pictures online, you must choose a reliable platform such as Instagram, Facebook, FunWithFeet, Feetify, etc. These platforms have a foot-fetish community with marketers, buyers, and sellers.

Feetify alone has about 205,000 active users. Thus, joining such a platform can help you engage with an audience and promote your content. 

After joining a platform of choice, you can start uploading your content. But remember to upload high-quality pictures as they have a higher demand.

Once you drive potential customers to your landing page, you can diversify your client base by accepting requests for custom content. 

Best Tips For Selling Feet Pictures

Once you join a reliable platform, you must look into your competition. As these platforms have a high influx of users looking for foot-related content, you must outsell your competitors.

But how do you increase traffic to your landing page? Let us learn how to monetize your feet pictures and generate a stable income. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started! 

Legally Sell Feet Pics

Selling feet pictures is legal. Therefore, this business startup won’t get you in trouble. However, there are different rules and regulations in different countries. For example, it is legal for people to sell adult content in the western world.

But if you live in an Asian country, the laws may differ. Therefore, you must consider your country’s rules and regulations regarding this niche. Besides this, you must be of legal age. 

Otherwise, setting up your online business selling feet pictures may get you in trouble. As a result, you will have to pay the penalty. You must comply with the country’s rules and regulations to avoid this.

Research The Buyer

Once you have learned about the legality of selling feet pictures online, it is time to indulge in the startup. But, unfortunately, online businesses come with the risk of scams.

You may sell your feet pictures to a buyer who refuses to make payment. So if you want to sell feet pictures online, you must research your buyer. 

The best way to ensure the reliability of a buyer is to sell feet pictures on a reputable website. Reputable platforms research the buyer and use their credit card information for subscriptions.

To avoid scams, you should look into the buyer’s history, domain authority, and previous purchases. In addition, staying wary of dodgy accounts will help you work with authentic buyers. 

Get Aesthetic Props 

Investing in aesthetic props for intriguing backgrounds is best if you want to outsell your competitors. Props can make your background more attractive. They also help you set up a picture theme.

For example, you can set a specific theme for five pictures and sell them in a bundle. When you make picture bundles with different themes, it will spike a buyer’s interest. Then you can sell such pictures for a higher price. 

If you want your feet-picture-selling business to be a full-time hustle, you can invest in different props to make different backgrounds. For example, you can start working on floral backgrounds or use luxurious duvets when photographing your feet.

With a little bit of creativity, you can outsell your competition. Another excellent idea is photographing toe curls, toe spread, or foot arches with a steamy background.

You can use temporary tattoos, candles, or foot jewelry for a steamy picture bundle. Such bundles will earn you more money. 

Watermark Your Feet Pictures

Many people on the internet can access your pictures and credit them as their own. It is best to watermark your images to avoid scammers. Some users buy feet pictures for a lower price and sell them to earn a higher profit. Therefore, you must watermark your pictures.

You can also make edits, such as blurring the pictures. Then send the original picture to the buyer once they make the payment. This way, your pictures won’t circulate on the internet. 

Invest In Lighting Equipment

When you upload better pictures, you can get paid more. But how do you make the pictures stand out? The best way to get attractive pictures is by focusing on the lighting. Many people use natural lighting to take good pictures.

However, to outsell your competition, you must invest in lighting equipment. Since artificial lighting enhances the ambient light, it boosts the picture quality. Therefore, well-lit pictures can help you create a better portfolio. 

Boost Your Photography Skills

Once you have gathered a customer base, you need to improve your photography skills to offer your customers better content. The simplest way to capture better pictures is by taking still shots.

You can also invest in camera equipment, such as tripods, to help you take good still shots. However, taking moving shots requires good photography skills. Therefore, it’s best to find poses such as toe curls and spread, which you can use for still shots.

You simply have to set your camera on the tripod stand. Then, adjust the camera to take multiple pictures. Select simple poses and gets started! These simple photography tips will help you take better pictures that you can sell for a higher price. 

Maintain Your Anonymity

You wouldn’t want people to circulate your pictures online. However, buyers can post your picture anywhere when they purchase it. If you show your face in the pictures, it can put you at risk. Therefore, it’s best to remain anonymous.

Only sell pictures that do not show your face. It is vital to maintain your anonymity to avoid creeps and blackmailers.

Final Words

Many people make rookie mistakes when they start selling feet pictures. For example, users sell low-quality pictures without watermarks. Some buyers purchase these pictures for a lower price, edit them, and credit them as their own. 

If you want your startup to be successful, you must take simplistic yet high-quality pictures, watermark them, and sell them for a higher price. You can also learn to use props and backgrounds to make your pictures more attractive.

Your pictures look better with better lighting with props, backgrounds, and decorations. Therefore, focusing on these creative tips and tricks can help you earn more money by selling feet pictures online!

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