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Your Guide to Shaving: How to Prevent Razor Burn, Beard Rash, and More

Your Guide to Shaving: How to Prevent Razor Burn, Beard Rash, and More

Shaving and facial haircare products have come a long way since the straight razor. Now there are countless options for men with varying skin and facial hair needs. The products not only help maintain great care, but they also help to prevent some of the common problems associated with shaving.

Here is a quick but handy guide on how to prevent razor burn, beard rash, and much more!

1. Prevent Razor Burn

Razor burn is an irritation of the skin caused by shaving. It is considered a skin rash and can have symptoms such as stinging, itching, or burning. Not only men are susceptible to razor burn, but it can also occur on women or any part of the body that is shaved.

There are treatments for razor burn, but it will eventually go away on its own. The best thing to do is practice good shaving habits and avoid getting razor burn altogether. According to WebMD, the best time to shave is when your skin is warm, wet, and clean.

You can also use a good beard cream to prevent razor burn. Gone are the days of spraying white cream from the aerosol can into a lather and onto your face. Beard creams have essential oils and moisturizers to condition and care for your skin and beard. Facial hair is different from head hair. It tends to be thicker, and coarser – like a wiry texture.

Another thing that causes razor burn is a dull, or poor-quality razor. A straight razor, made with stainless steel blades, is the best type to use to avoid razor burn. A straight razor will keep its sharp edge for a long time. If it should ever become dull, it can be sharpened.

Not only does a straight razor give you better lines and shave, but it’s also easy to keep clean of hair and dirt, unlike disposable or electric razors.

By using a quality bead cream that protects and nourishes your skin, and a quality straight razor, it is safe to say you won’t have many problems with razor burn.

2. Prevent Beard Rash

Similar to razor burn, beard rash is an irritation of the skin that causes a “beard itch.” It can occur simply by growing out facial hair that wasn’t there previously, or be an issue directly related to your skin and beard care.

Dry skin is a common cause of beard rash. A lot of shampoos and soaps can irritate skin, especially since they are not formulated for facial hair.

A quality beard shampoo can help prevent beard rash. You want to use a beard shampoo, which gently cleans without stripping essential oils away from your face. Not only does this stimulate healthy bead hair growth, but it also means your face remains hydrated and healthy too.

In addition, a good beard conditioner is essential to preventing beard dandruff. Yes, beards get dandruff too thanks to dry skin. While shampooing your beard helps it maintain essential nutrients, conditioning goes a step further to protect and soothe, therefore eliminating unattractive dandruff.

3. Prevent Growth Issues

A common issue among some men is the difficulty they have in growing a full beard. It can be difficult to stimulate facial hair growth as it’s controlled by testosterone. If a man has a lower level of it in his system, facial hair growth may be impacted.

Accelerators can provide essential nutrients and oils by way of vitamin pills or spray. An accelerator is not a traditional vitamin. Although they may keep you healthy, most vitamins you are already taking have nothing to do with keeping your beard healthy or making it grow faster. By taking a beard vitamin, you are giving your body back the essential nutrients for its growth.

If vitamin pills aren’t your thing, you can spritz your beard with vitamin spray. Not only is it extremely convenient and travel friendly, but you will also get the same results with the ease of a spray. You can use the vitamin spray to refresh midday when your beard is in bulking season, and it will enhance its growth. Not only that, but the mist will leave you smelling terrific!


There are a lot of products on the market for men to help prevent razor burn, beard rash, and growth issues. Although there is no guarantee you will never experience any of these problems, if you properly care for your facial hair and skin, they are likely to be prevented.

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