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How To Prepare Your Home For New Tenants

How To Prepare Your Home For New Tenants

Get your home ready for tenants by covering all the essentials prior to move-in day. You’ll need things ready before your new tenants move in. Just as your tenants expect things from you as their landlord, you expect tenants to cooperate with your expectations as well. Here, we cover the basics so that you’re prepared.

Have Your Home Cleaned

Make sure that the home is cleaned before your tenants arrive. Tenants expect that their rental will be clean before they move inside the home and will most likely be displeased if this task is neglected.

As the landlord, you are responsible for ensuring that the unit you rent in your residence (or your home if you’re renting the entire property) is deep-cleaned and sanitary. Ensure that your tenants understand their end of the deal with lease conditions. Use a tenant verification service to confirm only qualified tenants are invited into your property.

Go Over Tenant Expectations

Make sure you have gone over the lease terms and expectations and obtained a confirmation signature from all of the new tenants you’re welcoming to your property. Your tenants deserve to feel safe and secure in the place they rent, and you deserve the assurance that your tenants will be responsible, courteous renters who will make their rental payments on time.

Have Your Property Inspected

Before you welcome new tenants, ensure your home has been inspected to identify any issues. Have your property checked for safety hazards and get pest control involved to ensure that your tenants are safe and comfortable in your home.

Make sure you also keep track of the frequency of your roof inspections. Especially if your home is old, getting your roof inspected for stability and foundation issues, mold, and other concerns is extremely important before welcoming new tenants.

Plan A Key Drop-Off

Arrange a key drop-off with your new tenants so that they have access to the property once they arrive. There may also be a gate or door code that you’ll want to pass along to your tenants so they can access the property. Other essentials, like a garage door remote, should be passed on as well.

Inform Them Of Neighborhood Rules

Some neighborhoods have specific rules that residents are expected to follow. For instance, if you are in an HOA neighborhood, there will be rules for putting your bins away, dates for garage sales, rules for pool and tennis court accessibility, and so on. As the landlord, make sure your tenants are aware of these regulations so that they can love their neighbor as themselves.

Give Tenants Information On Utilities

When new tenants rent your home, they’ll need to set up utilities, garbage pickup, water and sewage, and anything else that you aren’t handling for them. Provide your tenants with the information they need, as not all local companies serve each area. Giving them the phone numbers of the companies you have used will make it easier for them to set up their own services.

Establish A Positive Tenant-Landlord Relationship

Preparing your home for new tenants is primarily about ensuring it is move-in ready and that your tenants have all the information they need to get settled in at their new residence. From there, it’s up to your tenants to come through on their payments so that a positive landlord-tenant relationship can flourish.

Protect Renter Safety And Your Investment

Get your home ready for new tenants by taking measures to protect their safety and your investment. Follow the above suggestions to prepare your home for new tenants and establish a positive relationship with your new renters from the get-go.

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