How to Prepare Your Teen for Life at College

How to Prepare Your Teen for Life at College

If your son or daughter is getting ready to head off to college, you are likely experiencing a wide range of emotions, from pride and excitement to concerns and a little sadness. After all, your child is all grown up and ready to go live on their own for the first time, so it is totally normal to feel mixed emotions. Plus, you might be worried about their safety while they are so far from home.

One way to put your mind at ease is by talking through all of this with your teen. Also, taking the following steps can be helpful because you can prepare your son or daughter for their new life at college.

Give Your Teen What They Need to Stay Safe

A big concern for a lot of parents is safety on college campuses, which is why it’s wise to narrow school options down to the safest ones. You can use online resources, like this article from Nuwber, to make your decision more easily.

Unfortunately, there are crimes that are committed on college campuses every day. And if your teen will be dorming, you’ll definitely want to give them what they need to keep themselves safe and secure at all times. This includes teaching them how to look for signs of danger, how to identify people who may not be trustworthy, and how to call for help right away in an emergency.

If it’s possible for your teen to set up security cameras in their dorm room, purchase high-quality products to do just that. Also, teach them about the importance of keeping their door and windows locked, especially when they leave the room.

Teach Your Teen How to Cook and Clean

If you have been spoiling your son or daughter by doing all of the chores around the house for them, it is definitely time to teach them how to do things on their own. After all, when they are away from home at college, they will be doing everything for themselves. So, in the months before they leave for school, teach them life skills.

What are some of the things that you should focus on to prepare your teen for what’s ahead? Well, think about the basic, everyday things that need to get done, such as laundry, cleaning the living space, and cooking meals. Beyond that, if your son or daughter hasn’t ever shopped for groceries, you can show them how to shop on a budget.

Basically, you want to be sure that your teen will be able to get by on their own without your assistance. If they start doing things like cooking their own meals while they’re still living at home, you’ll be there to help them and make sure they’re doing things the right way before they go live on their own.

Buy the Necessary School Supplies

Another way to help your teen prepare for life at college is by giving them the supplies that they need to do well in school. Find out which courses they are taking, and what supplies are required for those courses, so you can then purchase everything for them before they move into their dorm.

That way, they will be ready to head to class without worrying about missing something that they need to succeed, such as textbooks, a good quality laptop, and plenty of notebooks and pens.

Answer All of Their Questions

Finally, talk about anything and everything that needs to be clarified. For instance, how often will your teen come home to visit, and will they get a part-time job to support themselves while away from home? That way, you and your teen will be totally prepared for the exciting future ahead.

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