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A Comprehensive Guide to Standard Picture Frame Sizes

A Comprehensive Guide to Standard Picture Frame Sizes

Framed pictures are among the most effective interior décor elements that you can use to customize your home. They help to make your home appear more complete and welcoming. But which picture frames are ideal for your house? In this article, you will learn more about the standard picture frame sizes and how to choose them.

Importance of Picture Frames

Importance of Picture Frames

Everything in your home has its character and definition, and it contributes to the home’s overall personality and meaning. So, if you want to create attractive wall art in your house, you have to consider picture frames.

Hence, picture frames are an important part of your interior design. Here are some of the main reasons why picture frames make an important of the interior design of your house.

1. Great Focal Point

When you are designing your interior space, you need to create something that will instantly catch the attention of your visitors. This is where picture frames come in handy. Well-designed picture frames on your walls will form a focal point, catching the attention of every visitor the moment they step into your house.

2. Add to the Interior Finishing

No matter how colorful your interior space is, it will still look incomplete if it doesn’t have wall art. When you decorate your walls with picture frames, they will improve the overall finishing of your interior space. Consider picture frames as the final touches to your interior design. If everything in your house is properly coordinated, picture frames will give it a perfect finish.

3. Personalize Your House

When you hang picture frames with your family photos on your walls, they will add a personal touch to your interior space, allowing your visitors to see how strong your family bond is and learn something about your family history. You can also use the picture frames to display the things you love and the stories of your life.

4. Define the Color Scheme

Getting the color scheme of your interior space is not an easy task. But you can use your picture frames to choose the right interior color scheme. Remember that the colors of your picture frames must coordinate with the paint colors of your walls.

How to Measure a Picture Frame

How to Measure a Picture Frame  

When you are measuring your picture frames, you have to consider the size of the photos you want to fit into them. Therefore, you must get the measurements of your picture frames right for the best size. To measure your picture frames, you will need four important tools: your picture, tape measure, notebook, and pen.

It is also important to mention that picture frames are measured using the inside dimensions, height, and width. For instance, if your picture is 30x40cm, your frame should be the same size. Most people make the mistake of assuming that the dimensions of a picture frame relate to the outer edges.

For custom picture frames, the measurements you provide should be in millimeters. You can also measure your picture to fit directly into the frame without a mount. To do this, you simply lay and flatten your picture on a smooth surface. Then, measure the height and width of the part of the picture you wish to frame.

But if you are planning to trim your picture, make sure the unwanted areas of the image are removed before you take the measurements. You also need to trim off the white borders on your image if you do not intend to frame them. Don’t forget to double-check the measurements.

You can even confirm the measurements with your friend just to be sure. If you are ordering the custom picture frames online, just input the measurements you have taken into the product page and wait for your frames to be designed.

5 Factors to Consider When Measuring Picture Frames

5 Factors to Consider

1. Visible Area

Every picture frame is designed to hold the picture and other components inside it firmly. Therefore, the edges of your picture will be hidden inside the picture frame. But you can use a clip frame if you want to see the entire picture.

2. Frame Rebate

It is important to understand that the sizes of your picture frame relate to the estimated internal dimensions of the frame. Therefore, each frame will overlap its respective picture by about 2-5mm on the edges. This prevents the picture from falling off through the front of the frame.

3. Mount Overlap

If you are planning on getting picture mounts for your pictures, make sure each mount overlaps your picture by about 3mm on all the edges. This also helps to prevent your pictures from falling off through the mount openings and keep them securely in place so that they do not slip down.

4. External Size

If your picture frames are designed to fit inside a recess or a gallery wall, you have to consider their external measurements. This is to make sure that the frames fit into their desired positions when you are hanging them.

5. Trimming Pictures

Although it is not advisable to cut your pictures if they are not replaceable, sometimes you need to trim out unwanted bits like white borders to allow the image to fit into the frame perfectly. You can trim your pictures using a Stanley knife and a ruler or a paper cutter. When you are trimming your pictures, make sure their edges remain straight.

What Are Standard Large Picture Sizes?

Standard Large Picture Sizes

Standard large pictures come in various sizes that you can frame for your wall décor and tabletop décor. These photos also come in both square and rectangular dimensions to suit different client needs.

Instead of traveling to your local photo studio, you can simply order your pictures directly from your camcorder, smartphone, or laptop. Here are some of the most popular standard large picture sizes.

4×6 – this picture measures approximately 4 x 5 ⅞. It is the standard size in the photofinishing industry because its print size reflects the aspect ratio of most digital cameras’ viewfinders. This photo can be framed or used as a card or a physical backup of your favorite digital images.

5×7 – this photo size is slightly larger than the standard 4×6. It also has a higher aspect ratio. Therefore, you might have to crop your image to the preferred specifications.

8×10 – this is the largest photo size available before you get into large-scale photos, like posters, panoramas, and square images. An 8×10 image makes a great gift since it doesn’t require additional matting to fill up the frame.

Standard Picture Frame Sizes

Standard picture frames are the most common when it comes to designing walls and tabletops. Working with standard picture frames makes it easier for you to find the perfect frame styles. Here are the most common standard picture frame sizes.

4X6 Picture Frame


Image source: Pinterest

4X6 picture frames are suitable for designing picture collections on your wall. They can also fit perfectly on wall shelves for your home decor. This picture frame size is one of the most sought-after picture frames and accents any picture put in it. It is also available in various designs to match different client preferences.

Therefore, you should choose a design that suits your home decor styles and colors for an extra touch of style to your framed pictures and wall art decor. You can also add an extra white matting border to your 4×6 picture frame to enhance and add an element of professional sophistication to your picture.

5X7 Picture Frame


Image source: Pinterest

This picture frame size is preferred if your photos have people as the focal point. It’s larger than 4×6 frames, so the images will stand out clearer. 5X7 picture frames will add an element of uniqueness to your house since they are less common photo sizes. It’s small enough to fit on wall decor shelves but large enough to see the full print of the image.

8X10 Picture Frame


Image source: Pinterest

8X10 picture frames are larger than 4×6 and 5×7, so they are naturally used for group photos and portraits. If you want to hang your graduation photos in your hallway, this is the most suitable size of picture frame you should use. 8X10 picture frames are the ideal size for putting single image pictures on your walls because of the number of details printed on an 8×10 photo.

For an extra touch of style and individualism, you can customize your picture frames to match the occasion of the photos inside them. When you are framing your graduation photos, consider having designs with your graduation year or braids on the picture frames to remind you of your hard work.

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