pet friendly flowers

For many, pets are considered extended family. So when buying flowers for your home, it’s always best to ensure that the flowers you buy are safe for your pets. Whether it’s a birthday bouquet for someone at home or decor for the living room, some flowers, as shocking as they may sound, are deadly to your four-legged friends despite their beauty.

Baby’s breath, if consumed, can cause diarrhoea in dogs, while carnations can cause dermatitis in cats if they come into touch with the sap. So, which flowers are actually safe? Here’s a quick rundown of pet-friendly flowers you can buy.


Roses are a time-honoured beauty and are completely risk-free for both cats and dogs. Not only do roses have a delightful aroma, but you won’t have to worry about your pets unintentionally consuming or chewing on the petals that have fallen off the flowers, which can make them very sick. Remember to remove the stems first before allowing your pets to come near the flowers.


Whether you’re looking to decorate your home or celebrate a special occasion, gerberas are a safe and stylish choice. The vibrant, eye-catching Gerberas are pet-friendly, which is great news! The addition of these will instantly perk up your home for spring, and pet owners will appreciate the novelty. When shopping for Gerberas, be sure to read the label thoroughly, as they are quite identical to chrysanthemums, which are hazardous to pets.


Sunflowers are large, gorgeous, and eye-catching blooms that make great complements to any home garden. Huge, vibrant flowers like these are sure to attract your pet’s attention. You may be worried about their health if you see them chewing on your precious sunflower arrangement. If your pet is intrigued and decides to eat the blossoms, they will likely experience some stomach upset but will be otherwise fine. Don’t worry!


Orchids have three smooth, silky petals on each of their tall, tube-shaped blooms. Most orchids aren’t dangerous to pets, but eating them can make them sick to their stomachs as they aren’t supposed to consume plants. However, that doesn’t mean your plant life is fair game for your pet’s mouth. Additionally, non-toxicity does not imply safety for consumption.


Freesias are tall, brightly coloured flowers that resemble funnels and have sword-shaped foliage. They are a lovely addition to the flower bulb landscape because of their bright flower head and graceful stems. There’s no need to panic if your pet ingests this plant! In the same way, as freesias are safe for humans, they are also totally safe for pets.


Long story short, waxflowers are safe for both cats and dogs, making them a popular choice for use in flower arrangements. These hardy flowers can last up to 10 days in a vase, giving you plenty of time to admire them and surround yourself with them while your pets do the same.

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