The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Perfect Gift for Your Mom in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Perfect Gift for Your Mom in 2022

Let’s face it, when it comes to giving gifts that will be gratefully received, family is the toughest to find the right present for. And among that group, getting something for your mom is almost always the hardest to shop for from within your close relatives. 

While we clearly know our family members well, that doesn’t mean we are ideally placed to work out what gifts would be perfect for them. Sometimes knowing someone well isn’t enough. 

Buying presents for your mother can be particularly fraught with danger. Even if you have the best of relationships with her, the idea of getting the right present will cause you discomfort, and if things are rocky between the two of you, then you may well be having palpitations just at the mere thought of getting it wrong.

In such instances, you need to opt for a combination of gut instinct and understanding what’s out there that might serve the right purpose. Clearly, different occasions require different approaches, but here we are simply considering the options in a more general tone.

Mother Knows Best

Even if you were to outright ask your mother what she might want for a gift (be that for a birthday, Christmas, or another occasion), she is unlikely to flat out say what she wants and might often insist she wants nothing. Do not fall into this trap. Getting her nothing on these occasions is a huge mistake and one you should avoid at all costs.

Her insistence that she’s ‘fine’ and doesn’t want ‘a thing’ should not sway you. In previous years you may have fallen for this ‘trick,’ but not this time.

Go for Sentimental Gifts

As a rule, when it comes to buying presents for your mom, you should always edge towards sentimental gifts. For instance, why not consider a personalized name necklace that can include her grandchildren’s names? This is the kind of gift that is certain to have the required effect, and you can get these in a number of styles and types as well as suit budgets of all kinds.

Presents that mark an occasion or show your shared history are always going to be a winner, so think long and hard about this kind of gift. Perhaps some form of photobook that displays childhood pics along with more recent ones; this is particularly effective if you choose to stylishly frame one or two of these.

If you move this on a tad, you could consider making a form of a scrapbook that could couple the photos with other pieces that mean something to the family as a whole but have particular resonance with your mother. These kinds of gifts require a great deal of time to get right, so plan ahead to avoid running out of time before the occasion in question.

Spend in Style

Maybe it’s time for the big guns. If this year has special occasions that are of a grander variety, like a milestone birthday, then consider a bigger gift. This can come in the form of a more expensive individual gift or an experience that could cost a lot.

Perhaps a sophisticated designer bag is something to consider, an item that makes her feel as if she’s the center of the world and something that will light up her eyes. If she’s a keen cook, you can spend on particularly showy kitchen gadgets, for instance, maybe a classic hand-cranked pasta machine. 

Is it time you pampered your mother? Club together with other siblings and send her on a spa break, maybe with a good friend, where she can relax for a weekend. This would give her a chance to unwind. This would be great if she’s hosted the family for Christmas, and you want to show your gratitude. 

This can be upgraded to a weekend trip overseas. You can travel with her, or she can go with your dad, and it could be a location she’s dreamed of visiting. This is a lot closer to becoming a reality now that we are, as a society, moving out of the coronavirus restrictions we’ve been living under. This is another great reason why this kind of gift would work wonders.


Sometimes the best gifts are those that keep giving. If your mother is a keen reader, you can sign her up to a book club where she gets sent great works of fiction on a monthly basis, or if she wants to hone a particular skill, then a Masterclass tutorial from legends in the relevant industries will be a great touch.

Does your mom love to garden? Then maybe she’d love to be sent packages regularly that help her keep up the good work and show her a few pointers to help improve her skills in that department.

Whatever your mom loves, even if that’s simply enjoying a nice chilled glass of chardonnay, there is certainly a subscription service you can find that will suit her well. The best thing about this kind of gift is that it has longevity, but it also shows her that you know her well and that’s a very important part of the present buying experience.

Get Something

Often, we admit defeat and end up getting nothing. We know that our mother will accept you regardless, and her disappointment won’t be as vocal as others, but you can’t let this affect your choices. 

Whatever happens, you must get something. Failure is not an option!

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