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Wearing jeans used to be stylish and, if truth be told, has never really gone out of fashion as such. However, a key issue that many of us face when it comes to jeans is that it tends to become more uncomfortable the longer we wear them, and if the weather is too hot, then your skin will not feel at ease until you’re out of those Jeans and into something more comfortable.

While it is important to keep comfort in mind, we can not wear just anything, after all, what we wear defines us to those who see us for the first time, and I’d rather not come across as being laid back or as someone who treats the world as their bedroom.

There is no doubt that comfort is key. But a misconception held by many is that you can either be fashionable or comfortable but never both.

To bust that myth, this article has been written and shall explore the various alternatives that you can try out this season to ensure that your sense of comfort does not come in the way of your sense of style.

• Cargos

You’re bound to think of baggy pants with too many pockets when anyone talks about cargo pants, and that’s probably why they’ve become the hidden gem of women’s clothing.

Cargos refer to anything with many pockets and a loose fit. Still, fashion has caught up with comfort and many designers today are offering practically designed cargos that feel loose and comfortable without appearing to be so.

This makes it the perfect wear for an afternoon with friends, or if you’re slightly more adventurous, you could even wear them on a hike!

• Leggings

If you like clothes that are body-hugging but are looking for anything but cotton, then leggings are the perfect alternative. They’re made out of soft material designed to keep the skin happy.

Along with that, the material is highly absorbent, implying that you can sweat all you want; the pants will soak it all in while the sun helps dry it. The process is so fast that I didn’t even notice feeling sweaty for the most part.

In addition to comfort, If you style it right, you could even wear a pair of these to work without them seeming odd or out of place.

• Jumpsuits

No, it’s not like a set of overalls worn by farmers. Jumpsuits have become quite refined over the years and come in various styles. If you’ve seen Fleabag, you know how versatile a jumpsuit can be while being the epitome of fashion.

Think of a dress that takes you five minutes to change into; wouldn’t that be wonderful. You can run to the market in a jumpsuit or conduct a business meeting in one!

It is probably because of its versatile nature that the fashion industry was quick to embrace the style, and now there is a jumpsuit for almost every occasion.

• Culottes

Culottes are the answer to our prayers. Think of it this way, they’re wide-bottomed and allow for air to flow quite freely. If you’ve sweated like a pig in a pair of jeans, then you know exactly what sort of heaven you’d find once you wore your first pair of culottes.

Designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors, you’d have many design choices. Many of these designs are created keeping in mind the smart casual style trending for a while now.

It would not be recommended to wear a pair of these to work, but you might even pull it off given the right style and color combination. So who knows, give it a shot, and find out what life holds in store for you.

• Chinos

A slightly better fitting alternative to cargos. Usually, chinos are made of linen or cotton, making them super comfortable. Like, imagine wearing a pair of jeans without the struggle that you’d have to endure had you worn one.

The various style alternatives help you categorize them based on the occasion it’d be considered ideal wear.

• Flare pants

A more trendy alternative to culottes. Flare pants are ideal for both business events and casual events alike. However, most people prefer to wear them as evening wear or picnic wear.

You’re armed with many alternatives, and I am sure if you’ve got even one of these in your wardrobe, then you know what I am talking about when I tell you that any sense of discomfort would become a memory of the distant past once you wear one of these.

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