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62 Popular Paladin Names with Meanings

62 Popular Paladin Names with Meanings

Paladins are a staple class of warriors found in almost every modern fantasy story and role-playing game. That’s why paladin names have become so popular today. So, if you need a unique name for your hero in the next game or fantasy story, there are many unique paladin names that you can choose.

This article offers the 62 most popular paladin names with meanings that can serve as your inspiration.

What Are Paladin Names?

What Are Paladin Names

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In English, the noun paladin means a champion of a cause, while in French, the word paladin means ‘warrior’. The name paladin specifically became popular in the late 1500s as it was used to refer to one of the 12 knights in attendance on Charlemagne. Over time, its meaning has grown to include any gallant or heroic person.

The name was also revived in the early modern period to mean the closest retainers of a ruler. Therefore, the army commanders supporting the Protestant Frederick V in the Thirty Years’ War were called Paladins. The paladins remained popular throughout medieval French literature.

In Italy, the literature of the Italian Renaissance that existed between the 15th and 16th centuries created more fantasy elements in the fairytale of paladins, which later became a common subject for plays in the Baroque music of the 16th and 17th centuries.

In the late 20th century, Paladin became a trope in modern fantasy. As a character class in video games, the paladin stock character was first introduced in 1985, in The Bard’s Tale.

Paladins are considered to be divine warriors who wield weapons as well as magical powers that aid them in battle. Paladins usually have heavy arms and armors, including swords, lances, maces, spears, or even battle axes. At times, they will carry a shield. Some of their magical powers include healing, protection, teleportation, and even spells that thwart evil magic.

When you are naming a paladin for your fantasy story or role-playing game, you should pick out a name that signifies the character’s strength and prowess in battle. Also, you should include an element in their name that shows their supernatural abilities. You can do this by simply choosing an elf-like name and spinning it to make it sound more aggressive.

Female Paladin Names

Female Paladin Names

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1. Aetati – this is a Latin word for “lifetime, age, or generation”.

2. Alexia Roseheart – this name is commonly used in fantasy stories and video games to depict a spoiler.

3. Tilda the Faithful – the name Tilda means ‘mighty in battle.’ It is also a short form of the Old German name Matilda meaning “mighty in battle”.

4. Ela Illuminax – Ela is a girl’s name that’s related to the Hebrew name Eila and the Old German name Ella. It means “tree”.

5. Serina Shadowbane – the name Serina comes from the Urdu Language. It is also related to the Latin name “Serena” meaning “serene” or “calm”.

6. Idlea of the Light – this name means the warrior of light.

7. Bertha Brightshield – This name comes from the German name Bert and is primarily considered for the baby girl names. It means bright.

8. Auriol the Fearless – this name is given to female paladins who are fearless.

9. Madlyn the Worthy – Madlyn comes from the Hebrew name “Magdala”, which means “tower”.

10. Helissent Dawnguard – the name Dawnguard is the name of an organization devoted to hunting vampires who try to halt the return of a dominant clan of Vampires called the Volkihar who have the power to transform themselves into monstrous “vampire lords”.

11. Eloisa Nightbane – the name Nightbane means the uncorrupted Sword of the valiant.

Male Paladin Names

Male Paladin Names

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12. Kindlyman Doogoode – Kindlyman means a kind, caring, and sympathetic man.

13. Miles Lightbringer – Lightbringer is an ancient Blood Forest term meaning ‘monster. It is also a double-barreled spyglass that enables the use of both eyes for viewing objects at a distance.

14. Roland Sunguard – the name Roland comes from Frankish. Its means “famous land,” or “from the famous land.”

15. Ryker the Titan – the name Ryker is a Danish word meaning “strength.” Titan is a Greek word meaning “a powerful big man.”

16. Honfoi the Friendly – this name is normally given to paladins who are known to be friendly.

17. Wilmot Mornwalker – the name Wilmot is related to the Old German name William, which means “will helmet”.

18. Robinet Firesword – the name Robinet comes from the English name Robert, which refers to a light cannon of the 16th century that could throw a projectile weighing about half a pound.

19. Geofridus Avelane – the name Avelane means “a loving and caring individual with a tendency to put the needs of others before theirs.”

20. Gerould Mornshield – the name Mornshield means the “Knight of the morning watch.”

21. Orlando Lighthammer –the name Lighthammer means “a person who is responsible and trustworthy with a high regard for justice and honesty.”

Funny Paladin Names

Funny Paladin Names

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22. Adikia – the name Adikia means “the Goddess of injustice”.

23. Aeolus – also known as Aeolos, Aiolos, Aiolus, or Eolus, the name Aeolus means the God of air and the winds.

24. Aether – also known as Aither, Akmon, or Ether, the name Aether refers to the God of light and the atmosphere.

25. Aidene – this name is of Gaelic origin and it means “a fiery one”.

26. Antheia – the name Antheia originates from Greek mythology and it is the name of the Goddess of gardens and flowers.

27. Apollo – also known as Apollon, Apulu, or Phoebus, this name refers to the God of the sun, healing, music, and herding.

28. Ares – also known as Aries, Mars, or Enyalius, the name Ares refers to the God of a chaotic war.

29. Calypso – this name refers to the Goddess nymph of the mythical island of Ogygia.

30. Cynth- the name Cynth means “the moon Goddess”.

31. Elpis – this is the name of the Goddess of hope.

Cool Paladin Names

Cool Paladin Names

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32. Enyo – this name originates from Greek mythology and it means the Goddess of war.

33. Gavril – this name means “Warrior of God”.

34. Hercules – it refers to the immortal hero of many Greek legends and is believed to refer to the strongest man on earth.

35. Amaris – this name has Hebrew and Spanish origins. It refers to the child of the moon and promised by God.

36. Annika – the name Anika means “sweet-faced” and “God has favored”.
37. Asena – this name refers to the mother of wolves.

38. Ezlyn – this name is pronounced Ezz-lin and it means “the one who lives by water”.

39. Lysandra – this name means “the one who defends man”.

40. Minka – the name Minka originated from Slovenian and it means “strong or resolute”.

41. Nesryn – this name refers to “a wild rose”.

42. Renna – this name originated from Ireland and it means “little prosperous one”.

Famous Paladin Names

Famous Paladin Names

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43. Sahar- this name is derived from the Arabic language and it means “dawn”.

44. Salem – this is a Hebrew name pronounced as Say-lum. It means “peace”.

45. Tauriel – the name Tauriel means the “daughter of the forest”.

46. Zander – this name is a variation of Alexander and it means “defending or the defender of men”.

47. Avyanna – the name Avyanna means “strong, beautiful, and powerful”.

48. Brina – the name Brina means the “protector”.

49. Eira – this name means “snow”.

50. Fintan – this name means “white fire”.

51. Lovis – this is a German fantasy name meaning “a famous warrior or glorious in battle”.

52. Morrigan – the name Morrigan means “the great Queen”.

Fantasy Paladin Names

Fantasy Paladin Names

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53. Niran – this name is a Thai name meaning “eternal”.

54. Polaris – this is the name of the North Star. It is an exclusive paladin character name.

55. Ryuu – this is a Japanese name meaning “the dragon spirit”.

56. Sheridan – this is a Gaelic name that means “feral or wild”.

57. Skender – This name means “the defender of mankind”.

58. Tosia – this is a popular paladin name originating from Poland. It means “highly praiseworthy”.

59. Daesyn – this name means “beloved”.

60. Nova – it means “a bright star”.

61. Zillah – this name means “shadow”.

62. Amyra – this is an Arabic name that means “a commander or a princess”.

In Summary

With this list of 62 popular paladin names, you are assured of finding the best names for your paladin characters. Whether you are looking for the perfect name for a character in your fantasy story or a role-playing video game, you will find this list quite inspiring.

The good thing about this list is that it gives you the meaning of each paladin name, so you can quickly decide on the names you want.

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