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It is more than relevant! The number of online dating users is increasing daily. Find out why to meet someone online, view research statistics, and discover the best online dating services to find your perfect match.

There are several reasons why people use online dating sites to find a partner. And they are so strong that they will not stop.

1. It saves a lot of your time.

You can make an instant decision about the person you can contact. Would you like your partner to have this appearance, whether he was a smoker or a teetotaler, whether he had children or not, and many other characteristics? It is impossible to filter people on the streets, and if you try to find the one and only in this way, you will spend a lot of time looking for the perfect candidates.

2. Chat gives a clear picture of the person.

With the help of an online chat in just a couple of messages, you can understand the position of your potential boyfriends: how they see life, what they are looking for in a relationship, and decide whether you are ready to move on with them or not.

P.S. Imagine you’re on a first date with a girl you met yesterday, and she starts talking about Lenin and how she’d like to start her own underground communist political party. Maybe she begins to convince you of the world’s conspiracy theory. Strange, right? With online dating services, you will not have this situation.

Dating sites overview

You can find online dating apps or websites tailored to your query and the audience you want to reach. Many platforms are popular for ordinary and specific users, where you can more accurately find the person you have wanted all your life. Some are The Lucky Date, Tinder, Eharmony, Bumble, and others. 

But all these services are designed to find a person who matches your expectations regarding age, physique, country, hobbies, life positions, religious principles, children’s expectations, and many other positions.

How many people are using online dating in 2022

According to research by Statista, by the end of 2022, the number of users of online dating apps and sites worldwide is expected to reach 413 million people.

It is a general trend in the USA and other countries of Europe and the East. More and more people realize the benefits of meeting potential partners online and choosing people among interested ones. There are many stories of people meeting and creating strong families together after meeting online.

P.S. You’re definitely too cool to look like you’re single. That is why we suggest you create your profile on the best online dating services we have posted below. 

What sites do people use? 

1. The Lucky Date 

Among the best online dating sites, The Lucky Date ranks first because:

  • It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology that provides users with relevant matches based on platform user behavior and selected preferences from the beginning of registration.
  • The staff checks profiles and makes sure that real girls date real men.
  • The platform is growing more and more.
  • Its user interface is adapted and optimized for laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

And most importantly, The Lucky Date has already helped many lonely people meet amazing people and find their match.

2. Tinder

This top-rated site can provide you with a wide range of choices for your search query. Thousands of people from different countries have different interests and goals for using the platform.

It has a GPS function to find a partner in your city or even on your street. Registration is convenient and allows you to almost instantly go to the search or specify more information about yourself and attract more targeted people.

Tinder is optimized for ease of use.

If you don’t pay for a subscription, you have some restrictions, but you can still use the platform more or less freely.

3. Hinge

Hinge is an app for dating with many users of different ages. As they say about themselves on the site, “this app is designed to be deleted.” And the creators prove this mission as follows.

The modern design of Hinge is made so that before viewing a photo or video, you must first read a lot of information about the user.

This weeds out “one-night stand” users and focuses on people who are serious about having a serious relationship with a real person, not just beautiful bodies.

4. Bumble

The main highlight of Bumble is that this dating service allows users to determine the purpose of their communication: to find friends, romantic relationships, or business acquaintances. This approach will help you avoid unwanted requests from your inbox and focus on your specific goal.

You can also find links to Instagram and Spotify profiles through Bumble and broaden your potential partner’s profile using the information on other social networks.

The downside of Bundle is that matches and messages you don’t reply to within 24 hours are automatically deleted. It may be frustrating if you don’t have enough time to check messages.

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