Mermaid Art: Museum Quality Oil Painting Reproductions of Mermaids

Mermaid Art: Museum Quality Oil Painting Reproductions of Mermaids

Mermaids are centuries-old creatures from the mystic world. They buzz around the world and say that mermaids have a mixed trait of humans and aquatic organisms. The concept of mermaids amalgamates the beauty of human genes in living an aquatic life under the oceans.

The centuries-old mermaid paintings highlight an aura of mysticism in the mundane human world. That’s because, anthropologically, a mermaid’s upper body resembles humans while the lower half has a fin, as seen in a fish.

Their borderline structure has a lot more gaze with an essence of innocence and fierceness, both compacted in on being. Read along to learn more about mermaid paintings and some of the highly influential mermaid paintings.

A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse

In 1901, John William Waterhouse painted this iconic oil on canvas known as, A Mermaid. The artist creates a beyond beautiful setting where you can see a young, voluptuous, and beautiful woman in the form of a mermaid. It is not a depiction of an actual scene because Waterhouse chose to bring to life a fantasy or an imagination crossing his mind.

In the painting, Waterhouse creates a dynamic where the mermaid is sitting boldly without clothes on her upper body, yet she is shown vulnerable. The female creature has no legs but only fins. She is portrayed as immobilized, defenseless, and exposed as she sits upon the rocks, out of water.

She is combing her extremely, never-ending long hair and is gazing at a far-off distance. The visuals of the scene are perceived entirely as a feminine trait and, to an extent, give an erotic and enigmatic vibe. She is not bothered by the out lookers seeing her in the way she is sitting.

Waterhouse has excelled in painting this aesthetically pleasing creation from the ocean’s secrets. He narrated the mermaid’s beauty, vulnerability, eroticism, and unbothered appearance towards the male onlooker’s gaze.

The Mermaid by Howard Pyle

Out of the many nerve-chilling creations of Howard Pyle on aquatic life is this mermaid depiction. The Mermaid by Howard Pyle dates back to 1910 and is a classic mermaid painting illustrating marine life.

In this mermaid painting, the mermaid is seen with coral beads surrounding her hair. She embraces a man with a loincloth and a red cap at the edge of a rock in the deep blue sea. She seems to sit across the two worlds of land and water, connecting the terrestrial life to the aquatic just by being there.

The whole portraiture radiates attractiveness with its color composition. The turquoise water, white foam, and the pink sky with the bright yellow sun on the horizon all seem so dreamy.

Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert James Draper

Ulysses and the Sirens is an oil canvas painting made in the year 1909. It measures 69.25 in by 84 in or 175.9 cm by 213.4 cm. The original Herbert James Draper is housed at the Ferens Art Gallery in Kingston upon Hull, England.

The subject of the painting is associated with an episode from the epic poem Odyssey. In it, Ulysses is tormented by the Siren’s voices. You can see Ulysses tied to a mast and are without will made to attend the Sirens.

In this portraiture, Sirens are depicted as bold and beautiful creatures, unlike how they were perceived as a symbol of ugliness and demon-like beings. In addition, they are depicted nearly nude, and their tails disappear as they board their ship.

The Mermaids by Ivan Kramskoi

Also known as the Drowned Maidens, The Mermaids by Ivan Kramskoi, a Russian painter, is an alluring oil on canvas. The painting is a blend of beauty, eerie, and mystery. In the painting, you can see nineteen rusalki, which are river and lake spirits.

These spirits come home at night in the form of beautiful young women. According to Slavic mythology, these creatures are believed to be spirits of girls who died unmarried and unbaptized or killed themselves by drowning because of unrequited love.

While the subject of the painting appears dark, Kramskoi left no stone unturned in capturing this folkloric story. The beauty of the women, their eerie and mysterious atmosphere that evokes euphoric vibes in the spectator’s eyes.

Mermaid by Jerichau Baumann

Painted in 1873, Mermaid by Jerichau Baumann is a series of at least four oil on canvas paintings. The artistry is a narration of a melancholic facial expression of the mermaid leaning against a rock in shallow water.

The night sky presides over a moonlit background. Many of the artist’s creations are inspired by the blue water creatures. Often depicted as self-conscious alluring creatures, these lie rocking near the sea’s surface.

The painting, however, did not manage to gasp a great hype after it was made. But, in the category of mermaid paintings, it is regarded as an icon. As a result, some critics fantasized about this Jerichau Baumann creation, including Lucie Ingemann, the widow of B.S. Ingemann.

The Bottom Line

Beauty, mystery, aesthetics, and ancient mythology packed in one box point in the direction of the best mermaid paintings. Mermaids have always fascinated humans, and artists of all generations have tried their hands at this genre of painting. You can search for the best-selling, museum-quality mermaid paintings online and expect doorstep delivery within a few days.

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