offshore software development

The field of software engineering can be overwhelming, and you may not be able to perform all the expected tasks. Similarly, you might desire to work with a different level of skills and expertise, and still have a diversified portfolio. This is where offshore development services come in – you outsource your software engineering needs to a company which is located in a different geographical location.

This article will discuss different types of offshore development services.

Offshore Software Development: Types of Services

Software Development

Software development is commonly outsourced offshore. Currently, the US faces a shortage of software developers, and you might struggle having a full time of such developers. Even in the case you manage having a full in-house team of software developers, you might face a difficulty in retaining them.

When you decide to seek offshore services for your software development, then you are going to benefit from a larger talent pool at a cheaper price. The services outsourced include standard web development, E-commerce development, software development, mobile application, game development, custom development, and enterprise application.

The best countries for your software development needs are Poland, Ukraine, China, India, Argentina, and the Philippines.

Project Management

Project management is another type of offshore software development service. With modem projects being complex and requiring multiple actors, hiring an offshore project manager is one of the best product things that you can do. Such a decision will be cost-effective, and will ensure that the delivery of project deliverables is done within a specified time frame. Most importantly, project management can be done even when you are not working.

Systems Maintenance

Systems maintenance and upgrades is one of the most important processes in an office. This ensures that office data and information is safe and secure. In addition to that, it ensures that the office is able to deliver products and services in a secure way. System maintenance and upgrades services in offshore software development include process update, data migration, platform upgrade, and app integration.

Research and Development

With an offshore software development company, you can do research and development. Businesses which are future oriented understand well that they must change their products and services so that they can reflect on the modern market, and this is best done through R&D. By sub-contracting this process to an offshore company, you are leaving this critical service to the experts who boast of a high level of skills and experience in the field.

The scope of R&D includes the design of prototypes to launching of new products. In addition to that, a company may be interested in exploring new market needs, and here, offshore R&D comes in handy.

Business Analysis

Some businesses give their business analysis project to offshore companies. Such offshore development services come in handy in helping a business have a comprehensive understanding of how the market will respond to its products and services.

In connection to this, the software needs will be identified, and this will be in alignment with the findings of the business analysis process. The end result of business analysis will be better collaboration with the stakeholders. In addition to that, the business will be able to meet the needs of the market in an effective way.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a critical process that helps you determine if your products and services meet the accepted standards and specifications. With quality assurance, you will be in a good name with the clients and you will be meeting government regulations. This will mean that you will not have legal problems with authorities and you will have a good reputation among your clients.

Having in-house work for quality assurance can be expensive and time-consuming. One of the best alternatives is off-shoring this business process. With offshore software development services, you are going to bring in a talented team which is going to work with your company in the long run. This will be less tedious and will lead to optimal software development outcomes.


The coming years will see more innovation in the digital space, and businesses should be prepared for these changes. One of the best ways of preparing for such changes is through investing in ODC. Having an effective offshore software development strategy will ensure business success and continuity.

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