office desk must haves

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it helps to have a workstation that reflects who you are. We’re here to discuss many options to help you become more efficient and content in your work environment. From simple laptop stands to tiny trinkets from home, never be afraid to express yourself at the office!

Keeping A Snack Box

Not sure about you but we tend to get peckish while working long hours. Having snacks on hand can help you last until lunch hour, lighten the mood, and help you keep your concentration. You can always reach for a snack if you keep a few in your desk drawers or your personal storage space.

Laptop Stand

Inefficient posture at work, such as slouching over a computer screen all day, can have serious consequences on your performance. Don’t be shocked to learn that a simple laptop stand is the answer to all your problems. The stand lifts the laptop and also your hand posture, making it more comfortable to type. The laptop screen is also brought up to a more comfortable viewing height.

Mug Coaster

This one is for coffee lovers. Coasters protect your tables from unsightly water rings and other stains. It might seem like a small problem for later but it might start bugging you and can actually distract you from work. With coasters, you can drink your daily iced coffee in peace!

Cable Organizer

Messy cables on your desk are an eye sore, not to mention a hazard as well. So if you want to avoid it, invest in a cable organizer for your workspace. Keeping your charging cables in an organised system will help free up space on your desk and make it simpler for you to plug in and unplug electronic devices.

Mouse Pad

Investing in a mouse pad with a decorative pattern can help your desk or cubicle appear more vibrant while also emphasizing your own distinct sense of style. Add a personal touch to your workplace to keep you motivated as you work!


Using a calendar is highly recommended for keeping track of your schedule. This will help you remember what’s coming up and keep you from getting distracted by meetings and other plans for the next few weeks. What a visual difference having a calendar on your desk will be, especially if you have a custom-made one to your liking!


The use of headphones is highly recommended if you have trouble focusing because of background noise or conversations. Some people find that listening to music helps them get things done, so having a pair of headphones at your desk is a good idea. No need to blast your favourite tunes or listen to uplifting podcasts though!

Flower Vase

Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet of flowers? While being inundated with work can make it hard to see the bright side of life, a colourful vase of flowers can help you remember something wonderful and hopeful. Carefully arranged for your pleasure, flowers are also a welcome sight after hours of looking at a computer screen.

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