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In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to avoid junk food, keep your body moving, and get the recommended amount of sleep. You should also aim to keep your days and weeks as stress-free as possible by accomplishing one thing at a time.

But even when you’re doing your best, you occasionally need a boost. This is where health supplements can help. Supplementing with certain vitamins and minerals may be all you need to improve your body’s well-being and deal with the stress, lack of sleep, and nutritional deficits that are inevitable with today’s hectic lifestyle.

In addition to your busy lifestyle that sometimes prevents you from sourcing and preparing healthy dishes, there’s also the fact that food today isn’t the same as what it used to be. Due to contemporary large-scale farming techniques, nutritional levels have substantially fallen and toxin levels have increased. Supplementing helps ensure that you get the nourishment you require on a daily basis, no matter what life throws at you. 

However, picking out quality and safe vitamins and supplements from a crowded shopping page or store shelf isn’t always easy. With all the brands promising you instant solutions and longevity, how do you know which one to choose? I suggest you try Nature’s Own. 

Why Choose Nature’s Own?

Being in the industry since 1980, Nature’s Own is a reliable brand that produces natural vitamins and supplements grounded in science and supported by research. The brand invented the exclusive Food State and Wholefood nutrition models, which provide superior nutrient absorption, retention, and utilisation than many traditional supplements. 

Your body will use the Food State and Wholefood nutrients present in Nature’s Own products in the same way it uses regular food nutrients. By emulating nature, the brand strives to offer the best, most natural, and bio-effective supplements to promote optimal health. Not only are Nature’s Own products helpful to everyone, but they are also gentle on the body, making them particularly beneficial for those who are ill or have sensitivities.

In addition to being backed up by science and by research, Nature’s Own products are also free of dairy, gluten, GMOs, flavourings, and colourings. The brand also tries to avoid using superfluous fillers, binders, or other excipients. Furthermore, 90 per cent of the Nature’s Own product line is appropriate for vegans.

Nature’s Own Product Range

Nature’s Own offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals formulated to support your wellbeing. In addition to tablets, you can also find Nature’s Own supplements available in capsule, liquid and chewable forms. Let’s take a look at the products offered by them. 

For Energy and Performance

Nature’s Own has a number of products formulated to target, diet, nutrition, stress as well as energy production. For instance, Nature’s Own Potency 50 Plus Years Multivitamins can support a variety of conditions in those over 50, including blood sugar levels, cognitive function, immune function, and cardiovascular health.

For Brain Health and Cognitive Function

The Nature’s Own Focus & Perform and Multivitamin Plus Fish Oil products are known for promoting mental clarity and alertness and also supporting memory and focus. The EQ Control tablet has also proved to help deal with daily stress and low levels of anxiety. It contains ingredients like chamomile that aid calm the body and mind, magnesium that supports nerve function and vitamins B6 essential for balancing mental processes. 

For Sleep

Products like Nature’s Own Complete Sleep and Complete Sleep Advanced claim to help you get hours of uninterrupted sleep. These products contain natural substances like Ziziphus, which is used as a mild sedative to relax nerves in traditional Chinese medicine. Lactium, a bioactive peptide that is said to reduce stress, is also included.

Nature’s Own Complete Sleep Advanced and Nature’s Own Valerian Forte 2000MG may be suitable for people who require capsules with a higher dose due to difficulties such as sleeplessness or moderate anxiety.

For Immunity and Wellbeing

Multivitamins are well-known for their positive effects on general health. Nature’s Own Multivitamin Complex, for instance, combines 36 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which have been carefully selected to support your body’s immune system.

The brand’s multivitamins range can also boost energy production and cognitive function, helping you to be more attentive while doing regular chores. Moreover, it aids in the synthesis of collagen and connective tissue, which has a direct impact on skin and muscle health and mobility.

Nature’s Own High Strength Echinacea is highly effective at improving upper respiratory tract infection symptoms. Similarly, the High Strength Garlic variety helps to alleviate nasal congestion and reduce mucus production, both of which are common symptoms of the common cold. 

The brand also offers supplements that have been specifically developed for women’s requirements. Nature’s Own Vitamin B6 100MG and Nature’s Own Vitex Agnus Castus 1000MG are meant to help with PMS, while Nature’s Own High Strength Cranberry 5000 is meant to improve urinary tract health and reduce the risk of cystitis.

Nature’s Own Pregnancy Platinum Multivitamin is designed to provide both the mother and the baby with the nutritional boost they need during the pregnancy. It contains folic acid, which has proved to lower the incidence of spina bifida and neural tube abnormalities, as well as B vitamins, which can help with the physical and mental stresses of pregnancy.

There are supplements for men as well, such as Nature’s Own Prostate Health, and Saw Palmetto 3200MG, that can help reduce the symptoms of benign prostate enlargement (BPH).

For Mobility

Osteoarthritis patients can choose from a selection of items that claim to increase joint mobility and flexibility while also reducing pain. Some of the alternatives include Nature’s Own Mega Krill Oil 2000MG, Nature’s Own Ultra Krill Oil 1000MG, Nature’s Own Glucosamine 1500, and Nature’s Enhance Glucosamine and Chondroitin Complex.

Supplements such as Nature’s Own Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D3 + K2 can help with overall bone health. Magnesium, for example, may become depleted as a result of stress and sleep deprivation, so it’s best to supplement this mineral if you’re older than 60.

The amount of calcium you need in your daily diet is thought to be influenced by age, diet, pregnancy, and post-menopause. If you spend most of your time indoors, Nature’s Own D31000 is recommended to make up your vitamin D stores on a regular basis.

When it comes to muscle health, Nature’s Own Magnesium Chelate 500mg and Nature’s Own Mega Magnesium Complex are both excellent products to try. Magnesium is said to relieve muscle cramps and spasms while also supporting muscle function and cardiovascular health. Magnesium supplementation appears to help with migraine intensity and frequency, as well as premenstrual symptoms.

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