Musicians With The Potential To Break Or Make Your Heart

Musicians With The Potential To Break Or Make Your Heart

When it comes to music, one type that has always been tending is romantic. Even if you are very specific about the kind of music you listen to, romantic music is something everyone loves. Apart from romantic, some musicians have the potential to take you back to that romantic era. These musicians bring life to the songs they sing and the songs are good enough to make or, break your heart.

Here we discuss musicians and bands of today’s time, and from the past, who have sung songs that take us to a completely different zone.

So, if you are a music lover, and know how to appreciate good music, you will love these musicians. The vocals, music, imagery, lyrics, and everything about the songs are perfect.

Elvis Presley

When it comes to the best romance musicians, Elvis Presley comes on top of the list because of his hit song ‘Can’t help falling in love’. The is so beautiful that it reminds us of our love and how beautiful it is to love someone. The imagery in the lyrics is beautiful and the vocals make it worth listening to. Besides, Elvis Presley has several other songs that are highly romantic and beautifully sung.

Lana Del Rey

If you want to see someone with a beautiful face as well as a beautiful voice, Lana Del Rey is the girl for you. Her songs are dreamy and beautiful and all songs take us to different zones. Be it Salvatore taking us to the small town of Italy, or high by the beach, or young and beautiful, or summertime sadness.

All of her songs are beautiful and worth listening to. Lana Del Rey gives us those romantic vibes with her songs and sometimes takes us in a completely different romantic direction.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony on our list is an unusual entry but when it comes to his older albums, his songs ‘you sang to me’, ‘when I dream at night’, ‘I need you’, and some more highly romantic songs, are what bring him to this list. His old classic romantic songs take us to a completely different dimension. The lyrics, music and his beautifully romantic voice is magical. If you listen to his old songs today, they will take you back through the world of nostalgia.

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Goo Goo Dolls

When we listen to the name Goo Goo Dolls, the first thing that comes to our mind is the song Iris. The band is a perfect combination of great music, vocals, and most importantly lyrics. The rock band has some beautifully sung lyrics that remind you of your lost love. Some of the songs are romantic to the point that you sing them along in full volume. Goo Goo Dolls is that kind of a band that makes you want to sing songs along with them.


Another rock band that melts our hearts with their beautifully sung songs is Kodaline. Along with the video, Kodaline’s lyrics, vocals, and music make you feel the true essence of love. The songs ‘All I want’, ‘High Hopes’, Sometimes’, and ‘Wherever You Are’ touch your heart and melt it. Well, these guys definitely have the potential to make you cry with their songs, so you better get some tissues before listening to them.

Billie Eilish

With her very first release, Billie made her mark on the industry, and despite being new Billie is everyone’s sweetheart. When it comes to songs that might make you cry, Billie has a long list.

Be it ‘Ocean eyes’, ‘i don’t wanna be you anymore’, ‘happier than ever’, the live version of ‘I love you’, ‘No time to die’ or any other songs, all her songs melt your heart and there is a flow of overwhelming emotions. Besides, when it comes to Billie’s songs, apart from the music, lyrics, and vocals of the songs, what makes them special is the meaning behind those lyrics.

Frank Sinatra

No list is complete without Frank Sinatra’s songs. Frank Sinatra is a legend and doesn’t require promotion when it comes to romantic music. Sinatra’s ‘Killing me Softly’, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, ‘My Way’, ‘Strangers in the Night’, and other songs are all so dreamy, they make you want to slow dance to them with your lover. The lyrics, vocals, tune, and music everyone adds up to a beautiful melodious love song.


Hozier is this one guy who gives you those hopeless romantic feels with his lyrics, vocals, video and music. The best thing about Hozier’s songs and their lyrics is how he addresses and discusses women in his songs. The personification of a woman, and a lover is beautiful and far away from materialism. He addresses them in their raw, original and beautiful form, and that is what makes him one of the best romantic singers of all time.

Besides, Hozier’s song lyrics, music, and especially vocals are beautiful. Be it Take Me to Church, Movement, Cherry Wine, or Work Song, his songs are the kind that will make you want to fall in love again.

Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex has a very specific style and apart from vocals, and beautiful lyrics, their music sets a very different romantic vibe. The songs are beautiful, slow, and make you want to just sit silently on a rooftop and stare at the stars. Their songs ‘Apocalypse’, ‘Affection’, ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’, ‘Heavenly’, and all other songs are beautiful with a beautiful meaning, and make you want to hold your lover’s hand and sit in silence.

The musicians and bands discussed above are all those that can take you to another dimension with their music and lyrics. So, if you are a romantic music lover, do listen to these songs.

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