modern workplace wardrobe

As most of us are now aware, the last few years have brought some dramatic changes to the world of work and the workplace itself. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic caused a dramatic shift in working patterns. Millions of people were faced with the reality of remote working and home offices began to be commonplace in households all around the world.

Whilst many of the restrictions on movement due to Covid seem to have passed, home working or hybrid models of work remain the norm for a considerable proportion of the working population. The pandemic forced us all to reassess what we wanted from work and life in general.

Today its impact remains. As a rule, office dress codes are no longer as restrictive as they used to be, especially for remote workers. This article describes some key aspects of today’s wardrobe for the modern workplace.

Loungewear is in

Many people are now considering what is the purpose of loungewear. Less than three years ago the thought of wearing loungewear whilst at work would have been seriously frowned upon. Today that is simply not the case.

For home working comfort is king and fashion designers are waking up to the fact that a growing number of workers want comfortable relaxed clothing that is also stylish enough to be fit for office work when we are not working remotely. Key style tips for choosing loungewear that is work ready include choosing neutral or earthy colors that hang loosely on the body but still look elegant and businesslike.

Clearly gym jogging pants and a sweatshirt will not fit the bill unless these are specifically for work-from-home days when there are no video calls scheduled. As a rule, look for loungewear that blends style with high levels of comfort.

For formal meetings

Whilst the number of formal meetings seems to be on the decline, there will always be the occasional work meeting that requires a conventional office dress code. It is true that for some team away days (especially when these involve recreational team building activities) relaxed or even sporty clothing is perfectly acceptable.

However, large team meetings that focus purely on tasks and projects should require the employee to be smartly dressed. The office wear such as a shirt and tie with black or grey trousers and smart black or brown shoes is standard attire for men whilst women should wear formal dresses or trousers/skirts and shirt combos that are designed for smart business wear.

The same applies for job interviews which are highly formal situations. First impressions count in an interview, so conventional smart business attire is expected.

Business parties

Occasionally there are business social events such as office Christmas parties or charitable balls where senior staff may be invited to represent a corporation. Clearly, a lot depends on the venue and the occasion but for such formal events the emphasis tends to be on style and glamour.

For men smart suits or dinner jackets make a suitable choice for formal clothing. Women’s dress codes for such occasions typically require glamourous but tasteful and elegant dresses that would be considered too “dressy” for normal business meetings but give heightened levels of style and elegance for such special occasions.

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