Men’s Guide To The Most Flattering Necklines

Men’s Guide To The Most Flattering Necklines

Crewnecks, V-necks, Polos, Henleys, scoops – there’s an abundance of different men’s t-shirt necklines, but are they all flattering?

A T-shirt is one of the most comfortable garments men can wear, and you can find one for every occasion, from layering it under a blazer for work to lounging around the house snuggly.

Yet, just like some t-shirt styles work better for certain body types and some for others, so do different necklines – they flatter each body type differently.

Let’s explore.


The most popular and most flattering neckline for everyone is a crewneck. It’s a timeless classic that’s versatile and works for many occasions.

A crewneck has a round neckline and no collar and comes in various styles, from fitted to oversized and from plain monochrome colors to intricate designs.

While a crewneck is flattering for everyone, slim, tall guys with sloped shoulders and narrow faces will benefit the most as this neckline creates a chest-broadening optical illusion.

Choosing only high-quality crewneck tees is essential to ensure that the neckline doesn’t get stretched out too soon and that the t-shirt falls and hugs the body. Brands like  Fresh Clean Threads have some fantastic options everyone will like!


A V-neck is another popular albeit a little controversial neckline. It has a V shape that can be shallow, regular, or deep, depending on the tee style.

This neckline is ideal for guys with broad chests as it shows off their gym gains and flawless physiques. It also has an elongating effect that’s very beneficial for shorter guys.

And while yes, a buff figure will be flattered, so will guys with rounder faces.

When it comes to the V-neck depth, we recommend not going deeper than 4 inches unless you’re inspired by Mike The Situation (please, don’t).


Henley is a collarless tee with a plaque with a few buttons (usually 2-5) above the sternum. Some call these tees a “Y-neck,” and some say it’s essentially a collarless polo shirt.

Whatever the description, Henley’s neckline is casual and looks good on pretty much anyone, whether you’re a muscular bloke or a regular guy. What do you do with the buttons? Generally, you should have at least one of them undone, but go for more when you wish to show off your chest!

We love a Henley as it’s a unique style and can be styled in multiple ways, from wearing it plain with jeans or layered with an overshirt.


Polos are another classic that has gained popularity among not just the country club members but younger generations too.

Polo is something in between a tee and a button-down shirt because of its relaxed style and a somewhat formal knitted collar with buttons going down the chest.

These necklines make the entire t-shirt look more put-together and look good on every guy. However, remember that the rest of the tee is also important, so ensure you’re getting the right fit and color. You want more form-fitting and less potato sack.

This style is also known for its unique knit fabric and bright colors, so don’t hesitate to wear purple or sky blue. You can also opt for a tee with a contrasting color collar for extra style points!

All in all, Polos tees go with everything from jeans to Bermuda shorts, so make sure you have at least one!

Risky Necklines

Now that we’ve covered the most flattering necklines let’s move to the ones we’d like to call risky. And by that, we mean that they’re not necessarily unflattering, but you should proceed cautiously to avoid looking foolish or out of place.

Scoop Necks

Scoop necks are similar to crewnecks, but they have a deeper neckline, yes, like a scoop!

Most scoop necklines go down 2-5 inches below your collarbone and expose a LOT of your chest. Now, if that’s your goal, then you’re golden.

Otherwise, the scoop necks should be reserved for very casual situations (e.g., the beach) or avoided altogether. This neckline is also not the best choice for guys with very hairy chests or those who feel self-conscious about their bodies.

So while we’re not against scoops and want you to go for the style if you’re feeling it, we want to recommend always considering whether it’s appropriate or not.

Mock Necks

More common on long-sleeved than short-sleeved tees, mock necks are like a turtleneck that doesn’t roll down.

This neckline can work well for your undershirts as they provide extra warmth (and itch protection for wool sweaters); however, on their own, they can look peculiar as you need to have a unique sense of style to pull it off.

A mock neck is more suitable for formal wear and can look well under a blazer, too, so if you’re considering adding this style to your rotation, consult a professional or spend some time googling the best ways of styling them!


A turtleneck neckline covers the entire neck and usually rolls down. Turtlenecks have had a comeback in recent years and can look really great with formal wear paired with slacks or wool trousers.

And while you can also wear this style with casual clothes, you can end up looking a little disjointed if you don’t execute your outfit well.

We recommend pairing it with classic jeans, cardigans, and blazers and always opting for neutral colors to avoid possible clashes.

All in all, wear turtlenecks if you like them, but remember that styling them takes a little extra time and thought!

Bateau/Boat Necks

Yes, bateau necks are more common in womenswear, but with men’s fashion getting more and more creative, you can also find this neckline in the male section.

The other name for this neckline is boatneck, which reminds a boat a little. The neckline goes from shoulder to shoulder in a straight line without any dips, collars, or scoops.

To pull this neckline off, you must be confident in your style. Slimmer men will have an easier job styling it, but if you have broad shoulders or extra lbs, you might be better off choosing another tee!

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