mens jocks

Unlike traditional briefs and boxers, jocks are made for more than holding and protecting your genitals. Originally made for athletes engaging in strenuous activities or contact sports, the jocks or jockstraps have found more purpose and are now found in many men’s wardrobes. 

Picking the right jock for you will not only help give you the comfort that traditional underwear cannot but will also help in giving you a more sexy appeal. This guide will discuss what you need to keep an eye on when buying men’s jocks. 

Quality and Durability

Like in buying any piece of clothing, quality and durability are important characteristics buyers need to look for when buying men’s jocks. The straps and the waistband must be made of heavy-duty materials that should last and meet the demands of your everyday use. The cup that covers the genitals should also not be prone to wear and tear.

Comfort and Fit

Underwear should not only protect and cover your genitals and buttocks. Choose a jock that is comfortable enough for your everyday use, meaning that you should look for a jock that is not too tight or loose, especially on the cup and the straps. A jock that is too tight will feel very squeezed and uncomfortable, and a jock that is too loose will always feel as if it will fall off. 

Design and Look

A jock is made not only for athletes. It is now being sold as a sexier alternative to briefs and boxers. Gone are the days of plain white underwear, so choosing the best-looking jock that will give you confidence is essential in buying one. 

In choosing the best design for a jock, choose one that you think will highlight your assets and accentuate your shape. Jockstraps vary, especially in construction, so in buying one, select those that provide you with your preferred skin exposure. 

Another thing to look for is the print and color. Many companies now have various prints and colors to choose from. Some come with cartoonish drawings, others with wild texts, and some with abstract patterns. In any case, choose the one you think will give you the most sex appeal. 

A good brand to look out for is always in demand and has a lot of positive reviews. Check out for options when buying different types of underwear and make sure that you look best with your outfit, even with only your underwear.  


Finding the best jock for you is no easy task. Jockstraps have long existed before and are now one of the sexiest and most comfortable pieces of underwear you can buy. In buying one, you should check for the quality and durability of the materials, the comfort and fit of the jock itself, and the design and look it gives. 

Like in buying any type of underwear, you should base it on the comfort it provides and the look it gives. With the best jock, you will be more comfortable, gain more sex appeal and amass confidence.


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