Meet Customer Demand in Last Mile Delivery

In the age of e-commerce, customers have high expectations. Today’s customers expect affordable shipping, quick delivery, and reliable service. Despite the demand for effective delivery service, shippers often face nearly insurmountable hurdles in navigating the crucial final mile. Coordination of last mile delivery is challenging, and it comprises the most substantial share of shipping costs at 53%.

With many customers unwilling to pay a delivery fee, retailers are often left footing the bill while continually working to delight their customers with fast shipping.

With the customer experience on the line, it’s time for ecommerce shippers to think outside the box.

Customer Expectations For Last Mile Delivery Are on the Rise

Today’s customers have higher expectations for last-mile delivery than ever, with 90% expecting two- or three-day shipping as the standard. If the shipping time is too long, 32% of customers will abandon their carts.

Customer expectations are rising, but shippers face a slew of last mile delivery challenges that often prevent them from delivering on those expectations. Those challenges include:

• A limited network
• Poor visibility
• Delayed exceptions management

To confront these challenges and deliver to customer expectations, shippers are turning to technology to streamline last mile delivery.

To Meet Changing Expectations, Shippers Turn to Innovation in Last Mile Delivery

Shippers have turned to technological innovation to meet customer expectations while also simplifying their operations and cutting last-mile delivery costs.

On-Demand Capacity Means On-Demand Performance in Last Mile Delivery

As shippers’ last mile needs shift, they need access to elastic capacity, new accessorial capabilities, expanded delivery modes, and variable fleet options. Technology enables shippers to realize elastic capacity by connecting them to couriers nationwide.

Should orders surge, shippers may rest assured they will meet the demand with the new tech solutions.

End-to-End Visibility Ensures Efficient Last Mile Delivery

Managing exceptions and resolving them before the customer even knows there was a problem requires complete visibility from the start of the journey to the delivery. Control tower visibility gives shippers a high-level view that includes the distribution center and all deliveries en route for total last mile delivery tracking.

The new last mile delivery software goes even further than dots on a map, providing dynamic routing and rerouting and sending push communications out to all parties. The end results are cost savings and deliveries that happen on time.

Integrated Exceptions Management Leads to Unprecedented Last Mile Delivery Service

Exceptions happen, often due to delays from traffic, weather, missing product, and courier defect. Failed delivery attempts and incorrect addresses are two other causes of exceptions.

Advanced APIs pull in data that allows them to predict exceptions intelligently. They then devise solutions to prevent the exception before it happens. Using last mile delivery companies with a dedicated Exceptions Assist team that can automate workflows to eliminate the root cause means the predicted exceptions are managed for the shipper.

Should an exception happen, the Exceptions Assist team will collaborate with the shipper and the courier to create workflow priorities. The exception is resolved before being noticed by the customer.

Technology has Redefined Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is one of the most consequential operations for companies. It is expensive and can potentially sour customer relations if executed poorly.

Technology is helping shippers keep up with ongoing increases in last mile deliveries, offering them on-demand capacity, end-to-end visibility, and exceptions management. They are able to meet ever-growing customer demands while cutting the high cost of last mile delivery.

OneRail makes last mile delivery easy for shippers, offering them delivery order automation, elastic capacity, end-to-end visibility, multimodal optimization, and Exceptions Assist. The OneRail API easily integrates with shippers’ existing tech stack, making OneRail the solution of choice for:

• Retailers
• Food and grocery
• Product manufacturers
• Wholesale distributors
• Health care networks
• 3PLs

Schedule a demo with OneRail today and see how to delight customers with efficient last mile delivery.

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