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Making An Assisted Living Facility Feel Like Home

Making An Assisted Living Facility Feel Like Home

Moving into any kind of senior living community can be a huge adjustment. For many, it means leaving the home that they raised their families in, the place where they enjoyed the majority of their lives and have countless happy memories. It can be upsetting, stressful, and frightening. But for most elders, it’s the right choice.

A move into an assisted or independent living community means new independence, a chance to make friends, enjoy exercise and hobbies, and eat a fantastic range of foods. It’s an opportunity to receive the healthcare and support that you need without becoming a burden to your family. In short, it’s a chance to enjoy this new chapter of your life, safely and with company.

Knowing the benefits, however, doesn’t make it any easier to adjust. Settling in can be tough, and you are bound to miss your old life and your old home. Here are some tips to help you to make your new residence feel more like home so that you can start to enjoy yourself as soon as possible.

Find the Right Facility

You certainly shouldn’t just move into the first nursing home that you find that is close to your home. Take your time to research and look around places with your family.

McKnight apartments offer independence, and a chance to decorate, furnish, and really make it home. The last thing that you want is to settle into some generic room that you aren’t allowed to change.

Add Home Comforts

At some point, you might want to make bigger changes, such as decorating walls and bringing in new furniture. But if you want your new residence to feel like home as quickly as possible, instead focus on the smaller touches and home comforts that mean something to you. Bring blankets and cushions that you love, add photos and other accessories, and anything else that makes you feel comforted.

Find Your Scent

We don’t smell our houses. We get used to them and only notice if something is different. But we smell other people’s homes straight away, and when you move one of the most obvious and unsettling differences is the smell.

You shouldn’t try to make your new room or apartment smell like your old house. But you should fill it with scents that you like, and let plenty of fresh air in. This will help you to adapt, and you’ll soon stop noticing the difference.

Buy Something New

You’ll want to take plenty from your old home. But trying to recreate your old rooms completely won’t make it easier to settle. Instead, treat yourself to some new accessories and furniture. Things that you love, but that are different. Things to mark the start of something new.

Get Involved in the Community

One of the biggest benefits of moving into a senior living community is the chance to make friends and spend time with people. Getting out and introducing yourself, joining groups, and spending time with your neighbors is one of the quickest and most fun ways to feel at home.

Moving is always a big adjustment, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you feel homesick for a while. Keep in touch with family and friends, invite them to visit, but don’t be scared of embracing new things. It will soon feel like home if you do.

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