Maison 21G Solid Perfumes: The Best Option For The New Reality

Maison 21G Solid Perfumes: The Best Option For The New Reality

With the latest problems in the world, distance has been one of the things that have been taken as a priority. Although the distance shows a sad and gloomy environment, it is most recommended to avoid contagion by Covid-19 or other virus variants. But, in this new reality, you shouldn’t be careless, much less stop using perfumes that attract people close to your environment.

You can choose to smell good for yourself and those closest to you if you buy the right perfume. Solid perfumes would be your best option considering their intense smell and the subtlety with which each tone is distributed, especially if they come from the Maison 21G line.

Know a little about this perfume brand and why it would be the best option in the new pandemic. Also, you could familiarize its fragrance and verify that it is the best perfume available.

Maison 21G: How did the solid perfume brand come about?

The Maison 21G perfume brand, originally from Paris, France, was founded by Mrs. Joanna Monange, who had previously worked on fragrances such as “International Flavours and Fragrances” and “Firmenich.” This line is characterized by selling personalized perfumes with unique and intense scents that will captivate even the most demanding sense of smell.

What makes Maison 21G special is that its pieces are made with 21 percent perfume concentrate, the highest on the market. At the same time, conventional solid perfumes reach 12% concentrate in the best of cases. The perfume line remains one of the most important in Singapore and Australia.

Why buy solid perfumes?

This question may come to your mind because there are so many liquid perfumes. Why is it so necessary to buy a solid perfume? Of course, each perfume will have an incredible smell, but that is not the only important thing, but also the duration of its fragrance. In addition, you must consider that the size of the perfume bottle also varies if it is 100% liquid or solid.

Solid perfumes are more compact in the size of their container and have a scent that will last longer. As a result, they are fragrances for travel that will help you with any scheduled activities. More explicitly, perfumes from brands like Maison 21G will fit your pocket. It has a very elegant bottle and has an easy open lid to be used with one hand.

Safe and nutritious

To be convinced that Maison 21G Solid perfumes are the best, you must know how safe and nutritious they are. This line stands out for using beeswax, almond oil, shea butter, and other natural elements that will act positively on your skin. On the other hand, you will use a safe perfume for the environment to contribute to its improvement and not destruction.

The Maison 21G perfume composition makes it safe to use for people with hypersensitive skin. There are no side effects to using solid perfume, so there is no excuse to use it.

How are solid perfumes used?

If you want a pleasant experience using solid perfumes, it is good that you take advice on how to apply it. First, you should heat the container with your fingers and then distribute the small drops in strategic areas of the body, such as the wrist and neck. You can also use the perfume on your lips to moisturize.

Since face masks are currently used, you could apply a few drops of the perfume to the area if you wish. Don’t forget to apply perfume on your elbows to moisturize them and make a scent impression on anybody you come into contact with.

What is the correct scent?

In the summertime, you should resort to perfumes with energizing and stimulating aromas. This note will improve your mood, which will help you overcome the present problems.

With Maison 21G, you will have the right to choose among the 33 available perfumes that could be combined. It will also help you to buy the most popular and even the most affordable perfume. Sage, Amber, Bergamot, Jasmine, and Ocean list the most requested perfumes. For additional information, you can visit this site.

Maison 21G Rose Ritual: Why buy it?

Among the options to choose from, Maison 21G perfumes are Rose Ritual, which has a wonderful smell and is angelic for some people. The perfume is composed of highly critical top and bottom notes. But, in the central part are the oriental aromas that will transport you to a flower shop.

Final words

You may treat yourself and become more presentable when you go out by investing in a nice robust perfume. In the new reality where everyone is distant, there is still room for solid perfumes, and the best option would be Maison 21G.

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