loyalfans vs onlyfans

Do you want to start your career as an adult content creator? Several platforms can help you jumpstart your career.

But which platform lets you gain more followers and accommodates you better? The two most popular platforms for starting your career as an adult content creator are Loyalfans and Onlyfans.

These two platforms offer adult subscriptions and let you post your content. While they have many similarities, some of their differences make one of them better.

So which adult platform can cater to the adult industry? Let us learn about the significant differences between Loyalfans and Onlyfans to learn which subscription platform is better and in what ways. 

What Is Loyalfans?

Loyalfans is a premium adult platform that enables thousands of adult content creators to monetize their accounts to generate money from videos, pictures, and other types of content. 

Content creators generate money by hosting their fan-followed accounts. They can also earn a tip from their followers. Loyalfans offers various features to content creators. For example, you can make money through individual clips.

Fans who visit your profile can also see various payment options to transfer money to your account. The accounts feature a tip option that lets your fans tip you off.

In addition, every post features a subscription option which is either free or locked. Subscribers can purchase the locked content to access it.

The homepage has several options for discovering various content creators. If a newbie visits the platform, they can access the search option to visit the profiles and content of choice. If you’re new, you can easily get discovered on Loyalfans as it shows your profile in recommendations. 

What Is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is a premium subscription based social media platform offering various features and perks to adult content creators. This platform supports content creators by hosting their content. It is amongst the most prominent adult platforms with millions of active users.

You can access adult content published by many famous actors and celebrities. The platform has excellent features, including story features. PPV, geo-blocking, and live streaming. This prominent platform requires users to be of 18 years of age or above.

Like Loyalfans, Onlyfans also has an excellent discoverability option that allows new profiles to generate traffic. It shows the profile in recommendations and boosts traffic influx to your account. 

Loyalfans Content

Loyalfans offers monthly premium memberships. In addition, it also has a free content wall, restricted content, and premium content. You can plan the content and post it accordingly. 

You can sell single pictures or bundles. Moreover, you also get paid per message follower. Therefore interaction with your followers plays a crucial role in generating more money.

Besides this, you can also sell video and audio clips. Generating money is also more manageable as your followers can send you a tip to fulfilling their requests.

Onlyfans Content

Onlyfans lets adult content creators have a monthly subscription plan with various services. You can get paid for making unique content.

Onlyfans also has efficient referral programs. Another excellent way to generate money is to fulfill a fan’s request to receive tips.

Difference Between Loyalfans vs. Onlyfans

While these two adult content platforms are excellent for generating money, there are some critical differences between them. These differences can help you decide which platform will accommodate you better. 

Payout Rates

Onlyfans and Loyalfans have reasonable payout rates. But Onlyfans gives about 80% of the income to the creator and keeps 20% for maintenance, hosting, development, research, affiliates, etc. 

Loyalfans also lets content creators keep 80% of their income. 20% of income is their commission fee.

But with Loyalfans, you can generate additional income through their referral programs. For example, if a new user uses your code to register to the site, you earn an additional 5% income per new user registration.

Making Money

Onlyfans and Loyalfans give content creators excellent opportunities to make money. On Loyalfans, you can earn money through picture sets or a single picture, post tips, voice messages, referral programs, clip sales, monthly subscriptions, and follower requests.

In contrast, Onlyfans lets you make money via custom content creation, tips, pay-per-follower, monthly subscriptions, and referral programs. 

Payment Frequency

When you work as a content creator, you should know when to get your money from adult platforms. Onlyfans lets you withdraw money that you make at any time. If you have earned up to $20, you are eligible to withdraw it whenever you want.

You can also choose a set date on which you get the amount of money you have made. The payment frequency can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

In contrast, Loyalfans pays twice a month with a minimum pay of $50. Therefore, you cannot withdraw money if you haven’t earned up to $50. 

Referral Programs

Onlyfans referral programs let you earn 5% of the earnings of a new subscriber if they join the site by your referral code. You get a 5% payment for about 12 months. However, Loyalfans pays you 5% for a lifetime. This way, Loyalfans referral programs are more beneficial

On Loyalfans, if a person visits your profile and then continues to visit other pages, you get a percentage of the money the user spends on other models. This is called customer revenue share. Therefore, Loyalfans has more efficient referral payment options than Onlyfans. 

Which Adult Platform Helps You Gain More Followers?

Onlyfans does not have an efficient user interface, as it is challenging for accounts to get browsed. You will have a poor traffic influx if you do not drive traffic to your site.

However, other platforms, such as Loyalfans, let users browse models more effectively. They also display new profiles in recommendations, driving more traffic to newer content creators. 

Final Words: Onlyfans vs. Loyalfans

Loyalfans and Onlyfans are excellent platforms for adult content creators as you can generate good income from both sites.

However, customer profit revenue is one of the best ways to generate money without staying active all the time. This type of referral program gives Loyalfans an edge over Onlyfans.

You get to earn some percentage of profit from users visiting other models. For example, in Onlyfans, you can only generate passive income when a user subscribes through your referral code. 

Besides this, the discoverability feature on Loyalfans is better than Onlyfans as it drives more traffic to new profiles. Therefore, Loyalfans offers better features and functionality to beginners looking to jumpstart their adult content creator careers.

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