Everybody needs love, no matter what they might think. Having somebody to love can completely change one’s life, giving it a new direction and purpose. Because of social media and technology, people are starting to wrongly believe that they can survive without a partner, living alone with their laptops and devices.

Unfortunately, an isolated life nearly always results in depression and other mental health issues becoming manifest. At the very least, people that live alone become incredibly lonely, which is no way to live.

This article will offer a few helpful tips for looking for love, explaining how you can find your soulmate:

Go Cruising

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, then cruising is a great way to find love. Cruising is a term used more or less exclusively by gay men. It refers to the act of driving or walking around certain areas, looking for sexual partners. These areas are called ‘cruising grounds.’ It’s essential that you are being careful when going cruising because anonymous encounters are always risky.

In addition to protecting yourself physically, make sure that you wear protection when you are out cruising. Cruising encounters are usually one-offs, but sometimes they can lead to relationships forming.

Dating Sites

Dating sites are an effective way of finding somebody to start a relationship with. You do need to make sure that you use dating sites for long-term relationships rather than illicit encounters.

Platforms like Tinder are seldom used by people interested in relationships. Tinder is a platform used more often for hook-ups. While it is still possible to find people interested in long-term relationships, it will be a lot more difficult. In addition to Tinder, you can check out Bumble and Plenty of Fish. Both of these platforms are used by people searching for long-term relationships.

Speed Dating

Speed dating isn’t as popular now as it was a decade ago, but it still exists. Speed dating events usually take place in large meeting halls and have hundreds of attendees. If you aren’t familiar with speed dating, then it is a formalised matchmaking process. Single people all meet in a  large venue, are given identity cards and numbers, and then mingle with each other.

After every encounter, you can then write a person’s identity number down. At the end of the night, you can then decide whether or not to see the person again. You can only see them again if they are also interested in you. If they are, they will have written your number down on their card.


Socialising at work and recreationally is another very effective way of finding somebody to start a relationship with. Most people don’t socialise. Instead, they go to work and ignore their colleagues. The same is also true for people attending sporting events or educational classes.

By socialising with people in these places, you will increase your chances of finding somebody who is also looking for love. When you are socialising in these places, keep it as professional as possible. If there is a spark between you or anybody else, it will become immediately apparent. You can then arrange to meet them somewhere else.

Bar Hopping

Bar hopping is another very effective way of meeting new people. You can either go bar hopping with friends or alone. If you are going to go alone, then make sure that you drink within your limits. It’s not safe to drink a lot when you are going out to bars alone.

Additionally, make sure that you are as presentable as possible and look approachable. When you are bar hopping, try to avoid particularly raucous bars and nightclubs, because you might not meet people at them. The best types of bars to meet people at are more subdued, quiet ones. The more sophisticated the bar, the easier it will be to meet somebody in it.


Malls are another great place to find somebody to start a relationship with. If you are going to go to malls, then you need to make sure that you are confident as possible. The reason for this is that you will likely have to put the moves on the other person. You need to be comfortable approaching strangers and starting conversations.

When you are approaching people and introducing yourself, make sure that you are as polite and personable as possible. If you appear strange, awkward, or weird, then they won’t want to talk to you and will likely want to get away from you (unless they find it endearing, which is unlikely).


Another effective way of finding somebody to start a relationship with is to ask your friends and loved ones for introductions. This only works if your loved ones or friends are social people, otherwise, it’s unlikely that they will want to have any involvement in this.

With that said, if you have somebody specific in mind, then you can ask your loved one if they would approach that person for them. As long as you have given them a specific person, they should not find the request awkward or difficult.

Busy Streets

If you are a particularly social person and don’t have any issues with approaching new people and talking to them, then you can go ahead and walk up and down busy streets. The best time to do this is in summer when everybody’s out and everybody is feeling comfortable. Parks are also a great place to meet new people.

Social Media

Finally, if you have a social media account then you could potentially meet somebody on there. You could consider approaching somebody that’s already on your friend’s list or you could actively search the platform for people in your area to message.

As with approaching people in person, you should be as respectful and polite as possible when you are approaching people on social media. On social media, you can also start the conversation by telling them how attractive (or interesting) you think that they are. This is a very effective way of getting the person’s interest and endearing yourself to them.

It can be difficult finding somebody to love. If you haven’t had any luck up to this point in your life, then hopefully this article should reinvigorate your search and help you to find the person that’s perfect for you. Make sure that you’re always polite and personable when looking for love – be the best version of yourself that you can be.

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