kristin hannah books in order

Are you looking for some quality books to read, but your busy schedule doesn’t leave you enough time to sort through the extensive list of good authors? Well, you can sit back and relax because we’ve got an excellent writer and her amazing books to recommend — Kristin Hannah.

But to save you the trouble of going through her extensive work by yourself, here’s the list of all Kristin Hannah books in order.

About Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah

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Kristin Hannah is a bestselling and award-winning author of 20+ books. Perhaps she is the most famous for her novel The Nightingale, translated into 43 languages. Amazon, iTunes, Buzzfeed, Library Journal, The Week, Paste, and The Wall Street Journal voted it the best book in 2015. The Nightingale also won the Goodreads and People’s Choice Awards.

Furthermore, The Nightingale is on the way to become a movie at TriStar Pictures. Kristin’s other two novels, The Great Alone and Home Front, have also been optioned for movies. Additionally, Netflix has turned Firefly Lane into a TV series.

Kristin Hannah Books in Order

Without further ado, here are Kristin Hannah books in order.

  • Firefly Lane Series

1. Firefly Lane (2008)


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The book tells a powerful story about a thirty-year-long friendship between Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey.

2. Fly Away (2013)


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After Kate dies, the story continues to follow Tully Hart as she tries to fulfill her promise and take care of Kate’s children.

  • Standalone Novels In a Chronological Order

1. A Handful of Heaven (1991)


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Devon O’Shea goes back to Yukon Territory to claim her share of wealth but finds herself willing to stay. It doesn’t hurt that her business partner also makes her toes curl.

2. The Enchantment (1992)


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This exciting novel is perfect for those who love adventure and romance wrapped together and placed in the 19th century.

3. Once in Every Life (1992)


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This curious story of Tess Gregory as well as the unexpected turn her life had taken will have you questioning what happens after we die.

4. If You Believe (1993)


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The two unsuspected lovers find each other but secrets and scandals from the past threaten to break them apart.

5. When Lightning Strikes (1994)


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Lightning needs to strike twice, so the two lovers in this fantasy novel can have a future together.

6. Waiting for the Moon (1995)


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Once again, fantasy and love are mixed together for the two lovers to find each other and accept their strange gifts.

7. Home Again (1996)


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After a tragedy strikes, three broken hearts have to fight their pain and fear to become a family.

8. On Mystic Lake (1999)


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Annie’s husband leaves her for a younger woman so she returns to her hometown to find love and healing.

9. Angel Falls (2000)


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After his beloved wife falls into a coma, Liam uncovers her secret past life. So, he must make a decision that might cost him everything he holds dear.

10. Summer Island (2001)


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Ruby returns home under false pretenses, seeking revenge on her estranged mother, but soon she uncovers her family’s secrets.

11. Distant Shores (2002)


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After years of putting her family’s needs before her own, Elizabeth suddenly ventures on a journey to rediscover herself.

12. Between Sisters (2003)


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Meghann and Claire are two estranged sisters. But after two decades apart, they reunite and try to become a family.

13. The Things We Do for Love (2004)


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After moving back to her hometown, Angie DeSaria takes in a seventeen-year-old Lauren abandoned by her mother.

14. Comfort and Joy (2005)


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A Christmas romance that will warm your heart and help you once again believe in love and happy endings.

15. Magic Hour (2006)


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A mystery surrounds a six-year-old girl who appeared out of the forest. So, it’s up to child psychiatrist Dr. Julia Cates to uncover the secret.

16. True Colors (2009)


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The youngest of three Grey sisters, Vivi Ann, has everything going for her until a stranger comes to town.

17. Winter Garden (2010)


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Reunited with their estranged mother, Nina and Meredith find out that the story about a Russian girl in Leningrad is more than just a fairytale — it’s the secret history of their family.

18. Night Road (2011)


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The high school trio, Lexi, Mia, and Zach, are inseparable. But they make one bad decision on a hot summer’s night.

19. Home Front (2012)


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This family drama follows Michael and Jolene Zarkades as well as their two daughters as they face tragedy, fear, love, and courage.

20. The Nightingale (2015)


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This incredible novel depicts the lives of two sisters struggling to survive in German-occupied, war-torn France.

21. The Great Alone (2018)


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A mother and a daughter are stuck in a snow-covered cabin far in Alaska with a dangerous man they once called a husband and a father.

22. The Four Winds (2021)


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It’s 1934, and Elsa’s farm, as well as her marriage, are falling apart. So, she needs to make the biggest decision: stay and fight or go and seek a better future?

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